Lenovo Introduced New Gaming Laptops

By Elizabeth Kartini
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Lenovo's Legion gaming arm has announced new laptops set to be released in 2023, including refreshes to the 16-inch Slim 7, Slim 7i, Slim 5, and Slim 5i, as well as a new Slim 5 in a 14-inch size. These laptops are designed to be thinner and more portable than traditional gaming rigs.

The devices will feature new processors from Intel and AMD, as well as physical AI chips that will power Lenovo's "AI Engine+". According to Lenovo, this feature will dynamically adjust a system's thermals to optimize cooling and maintain maximum output with minimal noise.

Lenovo did not provide concrete performance estimates for the new laptops, so it is unclear how much the AI Engine+ will improve performance. However, the Slim 7 models will feature a 16:10 display with WQXGA/240Hz and 3.2K/165Hz options, while the keyboards will have per-key RGB lighting and a full numpad. The more affordable Slim 5 models will have up to a WXGA/240Hz screen on the 16-inch version and an OLED screen on the 14-inch version, as well as a four-zone RGB lighting keyboard.

The 16-inch Slim 5 and Slim 5i models will be priced at $1,199.99 and $1,349.99, respectively. The Slim 7 models will start at $1,769.99. The two Intel-based models are set to launch in April, with the two AMD-based models following in May. The 14-inch Slim 5 will be released in October, with pricing yet to be announced.

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