Kindle Fire won’t turn on – How to fix it

If you own an Amazon Fire tablet, formally known as Kindle fire, and it won’t turn on, don’t assume it won’t work again. There are some things you can try if Kindle Fire won’t turn on that may put things into motion again, and we will list them here. So, keep reading and try them out.

Why won’t Kindle Fire turn on?

While you may think the only reason Kindle Fire won’t turn on is because of damaged hardware, it is just one of the possible reasons. Others could be corrupted files on the device, issues with an outlet or a Kindle fire charger, and the fact the device doesn’t have enough power. So, before jumping to conclusions, give the solutions below a chance.

Let it charge

If your device has insufficient power and you start charging it, it may not turn on right away. Sometimes, you will have to wait for a while and then try to turn it on.

Change the charger, check the cables, and change the outlet

A faulty charger could be the culprit, so make sure you use the one you got with your Kindle Fire device. If the charger is broken or damaged, switch to another one compatible with Kindle Fire.

Make sure the cables are not damaged or broken. Sometimes, even minor damage to the cable may cause problems. If that’s the case, the device may charge super slowly or not charge at all.

Another thing to do is to change the outlet. If you think there is a problem with the outlet, try charging some other device using the same outlet. Try another outlet if it is charging slowly or not charging at all.

Soft reset

If you have tried all of the previous options listed above, and your Kindle Fire won’t turn on, what you should do next is perform a soft reset. This won’t affect the data you have on your Amazon device, but it may resolve a variety of issues, including this when the tablet won’t turn on. Just press and hold the Power button for 40 seconds to perform a soft reset. After 40 seconds, release the button. This should reboot your device.

Is your device under warranty?

If your device is still under warranty, make sure to contact Amazon. You can get a free repair, or you may get a free replacement.

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