Kanye West Should Learn About The Parental Controls On iPad From Kim Kadarshian

Kanye West shared his opinion about Apple, the company that produces the iPad after he checked his Credit card bill. He gave his 2-year old kid an iPad to play games, and it seems that his daughter clicked the in-app purchase many times.



This credit card issue related to the in-app purchase is a common one for parents. However, Apple has never meant to put the users in some kind of trap with in-app purchase, that’s why they provide their device with a security control, in this case for parent to protect their kids. The feature is called Parental Controls or Restriction. The parent can activate this feature not only to prevent the kids to purchase many things on iOS devices by using a parent’s credit card, but also to protect them from bad contents and so on.

Kanye West Should Learn About The Parental Controls On iPad From Kim Kadarshian

Maybe Kanye West should talk about this with his wife, Kim Kadarshian, who own the popular app: “The Kim Kadarshian: Hollywood” game. Like the most apps, this game is free to download, but users are offered the in-app purchases to buy clothing and other goods, by using the real money. Many parents were very upset and complained about this popular app, because they were finding a huge game-linked charges on their credit card statements. This was Kim’s defense related to her app through Today.com last year.

“You just have to make sure that your parental controls are all set” 

“I think you just have to be responsible, and don’t have your credit card linked to where your kid can just spend if they want to, or ask permission.”

So, in this case I think Kanye West should learn more about the parental controls on iPad from his wife, Kim Kadarshian who owns the popular game app.

Source: Twitter and The Verge