It’s Official, Apple Is No Longer The Most Valuable Company In The World

Since 2010, Apple was proud to keep the title of the most valuable company in the world. It seems, however, that the giant’s period of glory has come to an end this Monday, when Alphabet, the company which owns Google, made public the results of the last financial quarter of 2015. The stock prices have skyrocketed as the world’s great technological giant became the most valuable company.

After publishing the financial results, in just a few hours of trading, Alphabet’s shares have increased by 8%. That gesture resulted in a total value of the US company equal to 558 billion dollars. On the other side of the barricade sits Apple, which has announced its financial results last week. While Alphabet jumped to $ 558 billion, Apple officials were satisfied with “only” 534 billion dollars. At the end of the day, Apple’s shame is not that big because Alphabet’s stocks have stabilised, and the evaluation of the company behind the Google was set at 544 billion dollars.

In principle, it is very hard to tell if, on the long-term, Alphabet will maintain its victory over Apple, but this does not affect the current situation. Taking into account the number of shares that are traded daily on the stock exchange market in New York, there is a possibility that tomorrow Apple will return to the leading position and regain the title of the most valuable company. One thing is certain, though, after 5 years of constant victory, Google has managed to sidestep the company founded by Steve Jobs.

Google’s revenue in the last 14 years:

2015:74.5 billion dollars
2014: $ 66 billion
2013:55.5 billion dollars
2012:50.2 billion dollars
2011: $ 37.9 billion
2010:29.3 billion dollars
2009:23.7 billion dollars
2008:21.8 billion dollars
2007:16.6 billion dollars
2006:10.6 billion dollars
2005:6.1 billion us $
2004:3.2 billion dollars
2003: $ 1.5 billion
2002: billion dollars 0.4

In other news, if Alphabet Inc. does not ring any bells, you should know it is an American multinational conglomerate created in 2015 as the parent company of Google and several other companies previously owned by or tied to Google. Here are the divisions it holds:

Google – Remains basic and include activities that brought the company success (Search, Advertising, Maps, YouTube and Android).
Google X – Is a secret division of the most interesting projects such as autonomous vehicles or drones delivery.
Nest Labs – The division that handles the internet of things, the house where all the devices are online and communicate with each other.
Fiber – Launched high-speed Internet services in the US.
Google Ventures and Google Capital – Funds that invest in various promising businesses.
Calico – Research division trying to find ways to combat aging and diseases associated with it. The name is an abbreviation for California Life Company.

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