Is there a way to play Skype games?

Those who are using Skype for years are certainly familiar with the app’s built-in games. However, developers decided to discontinue it and those who loved the option are now wondering is there still some way to play the games on Skype.

We can all agree that this option so cool because allowed the users to play a variety of games with their friends or family. But, if you have one of the latest versions of Skype, the Games section is nowhere to be found. However, there is an option you may go for. That would be to install one of the older versions of the app that includes games. This is not close to a perfect solution especially because you may see a message to install a new version each time you launch the app.

But the troubles don’t end there. You are not the only one who needs to have an old version of skype. The person you want to play games with should have it as well. In other words, both of you have to download the older version that comes with in-built games. The question is – will it be worth the effort? If you think it will, try it out and see how it goes.

If you manage to find and install an older version, the easy part comes along and that’s playing the games.

All you have to do is open the conversation window and then click on Extras at the top. Next, click “Play Games”. Choose the game you want, and the invitation will be sent to your family member or friend. When the other person accepts the request, the playing session will begin.

As we mentioned, this is not a perfect solution in any way, but you may give it a shot. Many people are still hoping that Skype will decide to bring the Games back in one of its upcoming updates.

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