Is there a way to change Steam account name?

Steam is one of the most popular gaming sites where users can purchase and store a variety of games. Every user has an account name and the profile name. It is important to notice there is no way to change Steam account name and even the Steam Support staff members can’t change it. However, your profile name can be changed. The only way to get a new account name is by creating a new account. But, if you decide to delete the one you have, keep in mind you will lose access to all of the games you purchased, all of your posts and discussions will be deleted as well. There is no way to transfer your games to your new account.

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Changing your profile name

Even though you can’t change your account name, you can change the profile name (the name your Steam friends see). To do that, follow the steps below:

  • Open Steam and log in
  • Click on your username
  • Next, click View Profile
  • Now click Edit Profile
  • Enter a new profile name and then click on Save Changes.

If changing the profile name isn’t the solution you are looking for, another option you have is to delete the account you have and then create a new one. But as we already mentioned, there is no way to transfer the games to your new account, so you will lose access to them. Creating a new account is simple, just fill out the form on the website, verify the email, and select the account name.