Which have better performance/price: iPod Touch 6th Generation or iPhone 5s?

  1. Two days ago, Apple introduced and started to sell their new iPod Touch: iPod Touch 6th generation with well internal hardware upgrade. But if you are given an option and question: Whether this new iPod Touch is equal to iPhone 6? The fast answer is: “iPhone 6 is better”, because it has a bigger display size with better display quality as well, even though it use the same processor: A8, iPhone 6 has a higher clock speed. But how if it’s compared to iPhone 5s which has the same display size (4 inch)? Here it is a head to head latest iOS devices with 4 inch display. iPhone 5s is the latest iPhone with 4 inch display before Apple adopted a bigger display for iPhone 6 i.e 4.7 inch. Actually, the comparison we are going to do need to be more specific related to 2 different devices, one is a smartphone and the other is an iOS device look alike iPhone without phone capability. I do not know exactly what is the right segment to classify iPod Touch. I just want to compare it from its performance side.

Which One has a Better Performance/price: iPod Touch 6th Generation or iPhone 5s?

Performance is one of the important things we are going to compare. In the end, we will try to make a fair option for you about the performance/price.

A performance of a smartphone or tablet or all devices with OS has become the main user consideration. Performance can be a quantitative measuring instrument which is used by user to predict the speed and capability of a device in running OS task processor and application. It’s also one of selling points which always be a headline from a marketing team. How to measure a performance? Actually, it can be measured quantitatively from its processor and GPU performance of that device. Due to the devices we are going to compare are devices with the same brand and OS, so we are not confused by real world test.

Real world test is a matter to be done if the devices are coming from different brand and OS. You cannot compare the performance of iPhone 6 with Samsung Galaxy S6 only from its quantitative value, but it needs a real world performance comparison too. It’s because different OS does not have the same capability in using hardware resource. It can be an iPhone with has only 1 GB memory and 3 GB for Samsung, both phones have the same performance in real world test.

Lets have a look at the internal hardware specification of new iPod Touch and iPhone 5s.

iPod Touch 6th generation

  • A8 chip with 64-bit architecture 1.1Ghz (Source: iFixit), 20nm manufacture process
  • M8 motion coprocessor
  • 1GB LPDDR3 RAM (source: iFixit)
  • GeekBench test for processor

Which have better performance/price: iPod Touch 6th Generation or iPhone 5s?

iPhone 5s

  • A7 chip with 64-bit architecture 1.30Ghz, 28nm manufacture process
  • M7 motion coprocessor
  • GeekBench test for processor

Which have better performance/price: iPod Touch 6th Generation or iPhone 5s?

Some conclusion points:

  • Quantitatively, iPhone 5s performance multicore score has a better point if it’s compared to new iPod Touch (based on Geekbench test), 2560 vs 2440
  • Even though iPhone 5s use A7 which is a processor technology of year 2013, but iPhone 5s has a higher clock speed processor than iPod Touch, 1.3Ghz vs 1.1GHz
  • iPod Touch has A8 processor with 20 nm manufacture process. It becomes a plus point in heat and power efficiency, while iPhone 5s has A7 processor with 28 nm manufacture process.

So, if you are thinking to own a certain device, this comparison can be one of viewpoints to be considered. There’s many other factors which can be referenced for comparison, such as design, battery life, camera and price. For the last point, let’s try to be more thorough. iPod Touch, 6th gen starts from $199 for 16 GB and iPhone 5s is $549 for 16 GB. Of course, this $350 price difference makes the new iPod Touch that has the performance equal to iPhone 5s, suitable for you who only want an iOS device without cellular and phone ability. Which one has a better performance/value: iPod Touch 6th generation or iPhone 5s? Let’s calculate:

iPod Touch performance/price for 16GB


iPhone 5s performance/price for 16GB


As I have mentioned, this is only one side: a performance comparison. iPod Touch is almost worth it 3x compared to iPhone 5s in term of performance/price.

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