iPhone X Tips & Tricks

iPhone X is a completely new iPhone and it differs a lot from all the previous models. Apple has redesigned this device greatly to make it unique. For example, there is no home button, the Face ID is another great addition and the edge-to-edge display is just awesome. So, here are some useful iPhone X tips & tricks for you so that you can get the best out of your device as soon as it reaches your hands.

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Most Useful iPhone X Tips & Tricks

Turn on reachability

Reachability is a great feature on the iPhone that made its way with the iPhone 6 and it is available in the latest iPhone X as well. This feature compensates for the larger screen and thankfully with the emission of Home button you are still able to turn it on with ease. Just go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reachability and enable it.

Take screenshots

Taking a screenshot became as easy as possible. Earlier we need to use the home button for taking a screenshot and with Apple removing that button everything is changed now. In order to take a screenshot on your iPhone X, just press the side button and the Volume up button together and that’s it.

Activate Siri

We all know a very simple rule to activate Siri and this is nothing but by saying, Hey Siri. But there is one more simple way to activate Siri through the hard buttons. Just hold the side button for few seconds and this will activate Siri. Also, there are times when you have accidentally pressed the side button and Siri has been enabled. So, just swipe the screen from bottom to the top and Siri will be dismissed immediately.

iPhone X Tips & Tricks

Force close all the running apps

Apple has brought a new design for their 10th anniversary iPhone X which carries several new features. Some methods for doing certain things on the phone are changed as well. This goes for closing all the running apps. What you need to do is swipe the screen up from the bottom and hold it for few seconds. It will launch the app switcher. Tap on the screen and hold. Now, from here you can swipe up on those apps which you want to close.

Enable Magnifier

You can enable magnifier by going to Settings > General > Accessibility> Magnifier and turn it on. The auto-brightness on your iPhone X can be adjusted the same way. However, in order to select the feature, press the side button three times quickly and that’s it.

Apple Pay

Using Apple Pay anywhere for making some purchases became much easier. This is another useful iPhone X tip and what you should do is just double tap the side button and it will invoke Apple Pay. Also, you will be shown the credit card information on your screen. So, just look at the screen carefully to authenticate with the Face ID. And then hold the phone to the card reader to make the payment complete.

Enable Dark mode

You can enable the dark mode on your new iPhone X from the settings with ease. This is the first OLED display from Apple and they have made this screen to perform completely different than other displays. The dark mode will help you in various ways while less battery consumption is definitely an added advantage of this feature. This can be enabled by going to Settings > Display accommodation> Invert colors and select the option Smart Invert.

View the battery percentage indicator

While the previous iPhones allowed users to check the battery percentage left from the settings menu the new iPhone X requires you to move to the Control Panel to check this. And this battery percentage indicator is already activated on iPhone X but remains hid in the control panel. So, you need to access the Control panel first by swiping down from the top right corner of the display. And then check the battery percentage from there.

iPhone X Tips & Tricks



Multitasking is a very useful feature on every smartphone that makes things much easier and thankfully this feature is available for the iPhone X as well. What you should do is swipe up from the bottom of your screen and then pause in the middle. Here the current apps will be joined by other open apps. Now just select the app that you want to start. In order to close an app, touch any app and hold. A red circle along with minus sign will appear on every app. Tap the minus sign on each app to close that app.


These are the most useful iPhone X tips & tricks. There are many other things to explore and you will figure them all out as you keep using the device.

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