iPhone SE Battery Life Issues – How To Fix ‘Easy Guide’ [ Solved ]

For all those activities, the battery plays an important role. If you are experiencing iPhone SE battery life issues right now, tey the solutions listed here.

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Solutions For iPhone SE Battery Life Issues [ Tested ]

iPhone SE Battery Life Issues


Solution No 1: Check the battery usage

iPhone SE with iOS 9 is provided with the Battery Usage feature. You can check it by going to Setting >> Battery >> Battery Usage. Then, tap the show detailed usage to see the app’s activities that are running in the background. If you find a certain app that drains the battery, update it and if it still drains the battery, consider removing it.

iPhone SE Battery Life Issues

Solution No 2: Update the applications

Update all applications on your iPhone SE to avoid power consumption bugs. You can update them at the App Store.

  • Go to App Store
  • Tap the Update bar
  • You can choose to Update All or only certain apps that cause the battery life issue.

iPhone SE Battery Life Issues

Solution No 3: Close the apps you are not using

You should properly close the apps you are not using. If you don’t do that, once you exit the app, it will keep running in the background and it will have an impact on battery life. To close the apps press the Home button two times, and you will get a preview of the apps you have been using. Swipe left to go through the apps. When you find the app you want to close, swipe up.

iPhone SE battery life issues

Solution No 4: Shut down the iPhone SE

Every once in awhile, shut down your iPhone. This can be a problem solver because once you turn your phone off, the apps and the processes that were running in the background will be closed including those that can cause battery life issues.

iPhone SE Battery Life Issues



Solution No 5: Update the iPhone

Updating the iPhone can fix the bug issue which causes the battery life to drain rapidly. You can perform the iPhone update directly over the air:

  • Go to Settings >> General >> Software Update
  • The checking process may take time
  • Tap Download and Install.

iPhone SE Battery Life Issues

Solution No 6: Reset All Settings

This method will reset all the settings on your iPhone. To do so, go to Settings >> General >> Reset >> Reset All Settings. Then, iPhone will restart and reset all the settings you have.

iPhone SE Battery Life Issues

Solution No 7: Erase all contents and settings

It has a quite similar purpose as the previous method. However, this method will not only restore your device to factory settings, it will delete all the data. So, we suggest you to back up the data before continuing the next steps.

  • Open Settings >> General >> Reset >> Erase All Settings
  • Tap Erase iPhone
  • iPhone will restart
  • Follow the steps to set up your device as new.

iPhone SE Battery Life Issues

Solution No 8: Activate the Low Power Mode

Low Power Mode is a feature designed to help you save battery power consumption. You can activate this feature by going to Settings >> Battery. Here, you can activate the Low Power Mode and then, the battery icon will become yellow.

iPhone SE Battery Life Issues

Tips to save iPhone SE battery consumption

You can save the battery life of your iPhone SE by following these useful tips:

  • Turn down the screen brightness
  • Turn off Wi-Fi when you are not using it
  • Set the Auto-Lock to 1 minute
  • Use headphones instead of the speaker when you are listening to audio or music
  • Turn off Bluetooth when it’s not used
  • Turn off any extra sounds