iPhone Bluetooth-Related Issues

If you are not able to pair another device with the Bluetooth then you must try and check first if the problem is with your phone or with the device that you are trying to pair it with. For this, you can try connecting the device with another phone or you can try connecting your phone to other devices. If your phone works with other devices and fails to connect with one particular device then the problem is in the Bluetooth device and not the iPhone.

This initial check will save you a lot of hassles trying to tweak your phone’s settings when nothing is wrong in your phone at all. But if your device’s Bluetooth feature is not working properly when trying to connect to any device, then you must consider the following solutions:


Toggle Bluetooth

Begin by toggling Bluetooth off and then on again. Simple as it sounds, this step can be the solution for many Bluetooth related issues.

  • Swipe up from the bottom of your Home screen to open Control Center
  • Tap on the Bluetooth icon to switch it Off
  • Wait for 30 seconds and tap it to switch On again

This should help you resolve the problem you were facing with your phone’s Bluetooth.


Restart your iPhone

If the problem is not fixed then try restarting your phone and check if the phone Bluetooth feature is working after the restart. Once the phone restarts, it will take a while to pair with another Bluetooth device.


Un-pair old devices

If you have a list of old devices paired to your phone then unpair all these devices first and then try to use the Bluetooth service.

  • Go to the Settings of your phone and head to Bluetooth
  • Once you are in the Bluetooth menu, tap on the info (i) button next to the devices listed on the screen and then tap on forget
  • Tap to confirm your selection and repeat the process to delete all old devices

Make sure that you also delete the device that you are trying to connect to and pair all over again. This step helps to solve a lot of Bluetooth problems. Check if it works for you.


Reset Network Settings

This step will reset all your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings which means that you will have to enter your Wi-Fi passwords all over again. Perform this step only if you have all your Wi-Fi passwords.

  • From the Settings menu of your phone, tap on General
  • Scroll down to find Reset and tap on it
  • Tap on Reset Network Settings and enter your passcode if prompted for it
  • Tap on Reset Network Settings again to complete the reset

Pair your device again and check if the Bluetooth works as expected.

Update your iOS

Update your iOS to the latest version to make sure that any known issues, bugs or problems are fixed through the update.

  • Head to the Settings menu of the phone
  • Tap on General
  • Look for Updates and tap on it

If an update is available, install it and check if the problem is fixed.


Hard Reset Your iPhone

Reset your phone if the problem still persists. Once the reset is complete, try pairing and check if you are able to establish a Bluetooth connection with the other device.

All Bluetooth problems can be solved by following one or more of these solutions. But if you still do not have a proper Bluetooth connection then you must consider restoring your device from an old backup. And if the restore still doesn’t help in fixing the problem then contact Apple Support.