iPhone 7 Will Not Have A Headphone Jack

According to Macotakara report, Apple will not include the headphone jack on the upcoming iPhone in 2017.

“Apple seems to plan removing the headset jack from the next iPhone 7, according to a reliable source. Screen shape such as radius will be kept, however, it will very likely be more than 1 mm thinner than the current model.”

Apple has to sacrifice a 3.5 mm headphone jack on the iPhone, in order to get a thinner iPhone. It’s said that the upcoming iPhone, which will probably be called the iPhone 7, will have an earpod with a male port lighting connector. To deal with the compatibility problem, Apple plans will utilize the lighting port for a headphone by providing a 3.5 mm headphone to the lighting converter device.

By making the lighting connector, which has the ability as the audio input, it needs a DA (Digital to Analog) converter. The DA will be built in the Lightning connector without sacrificing the size, according to the source.

Apple may ask the third party manufacturers to make an earpod or headphone compatible with lighting port. Alternatively, they will include the converter inside the purchasing box.


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