iPhone 6 Design Praised By Former Android Executive

Well the praise thing shouldn’t come as a surprise because almost everyone loves that new design. But when that praise came from a former Android Executive, I was like obliged to write it. Hugo Barra, who is that former Android Executive, took to the stage at the WSJD Live conference to praise the new design of the iPhone 6. He even went as far as saying that it is one of the most beautiful smartphones ever built (I guess he said the truth then because I’ve been hopping over people just to have my hands on while my order reaches the doorstep).

iphone 6

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Hugo Barra is currently an executive of the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi. So it was pretty obvious that he would defend his brand, but he did it in a different way. He mentioned how Xiaomi stole the designs from other companies, and also showed the similarities between the Xiaomi smartphones and iPhone 6 (design-wise, obviously). Here’s what he said about the increased similarities between Xiaomi’s smartphone designs and their rivals’s –

“Our designers, our engineers are inspired by great products – and frankly, in today’s world, who isn’t? Point me to a product in our industry that has completely unique design language. You’re not going to be able to find one.”

What Barra said, was quite true because almost every smartphone that we see nowadays, are somewhat similar to each other. I mean the form factor and the specifications. Even though they are manufactured by different companies, they still look highly similar.

Barra extended to saying that though the design of iPhone 6 is astonishing, it is somewhat HTC-like design. Here are his exact words –

“Of course, with an astonishing twist… but it is somewhat familiar design language.”

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What do you think? Is Barra right in saying that almost every smartphone is look-a-like?


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