iPhone 5C Incorrect Time

The time was seen to be wildly off the actual time for many iPhone 5c users. Some reported that when they put the iPhone screen goes to sleep, the time ends up getting stuck at whatever the time was when the phone went to sleep mode.

Solution 1: Toggle the option to set time and date automatically

Sometimes, the problem can be solved by simply toggling the option for automatic time and date settings.

  • Go to Settings and then General
  • Tap on Date and Time
  • Toggle off the option that says Set Automatically, wait for five seconds and toggle it on

Check if the date and time are current now.


Solution 2: Choose the date and time manually

If you are troubled by this problem very frequently, and toggling the automatic date and time settings is getting annoying for you, then switch off the option to Set Automatically and you will get the chance to manually set the date and time. This will help you avoid date and time discrepancies, fixing your problem.


Solution 3: Update your Phone’s software

Since the issue is being faced by a number of users, make sure that your phone is using the latest software to ensure that any bugs or problem in the software can be effectively fixed. To update your phone

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on General
  • Tap on Software Updates

Most of the problems faced by the 5C units were related to the software, especially the iOS software updates. Overall the phone performed well, and there weren’t many hardware issues reported on the phone. The few users who did find the phone to be a problem noted that these were one-off cases. Most problems of the iOS were fixed with updates. These problems existed in all iPhones that used that particular iOS version like iOS 7 and iOS 8. We have discussed problems unique to specific iOS versions at length in iOS related problems which include tips and tricks to help you solve those problems too.