iPhone 12 missing 5G – How to fix it

The entire iPhone 12 lineup is excellent, and in addition, it supports 5G. The feature may not show up on your device. There are several reasons behind it, and here, we will share some tips on what to do if your iPhone 12 missing 5G.

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What to do if your iPhone 12 missing 5G

To use the 5G feature on your iPhone 12, you need to be on a carrier’s plan that supports 5G. If you aren’t on it, you won’t be able to use the option. If you go to Settings > Cellular, you won’t see the 5G option there. You will have to contact your carrier and make necessary changes and upgrade the plan.

There could be other issues. You may have purchased a SIM-free iPhone 12, and you try using it with your old SIM card. Keep in mind you will have to replace it or contact your carrier so that the card you have can be upgraded to support the feature.

You can enable and disable Airplane mode. Go back to Settings > Cellular and check if 5G shows up. If not, contact your carrier.

Another thing to be aware of is that 5G isn’t available in roaming. Also, check out the 5G coverage by the carrier.


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