iPhone 11 Ultra Wide Camera – How To Use It

A dual-camera system on the iPhone is not a new thing for Apple. They have brought this feature to the iPhone 7 Plus for the first time. What makes iPhone 11 cameras different from the previous models is the type of lenses. iPhone XS and older models have Wide and Telephoto lenses, while iPhone 11 has Wide and ultra-wide. This is brand new and it has been expected by many iPhone users for quite a long time. What makes people so excited about the iPhone 11 ultra wide camera and how to use it?

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When Should I Used Ultra Wide Camera on iPhone 11?

Ultra wide is a brand new camera on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and Pro Max. It will let you capture a four times wider field of view. Have you ever got disappointed when you wanted to take a picture of the entire landscape, but it failed? Or, how frustrated it was to put all your classmates together in one frame. But, it was before the ultra wide camera came to iPhone 11.

So, you should switch your iPhone 11 camera to ultra wide when taking a picture of a big group of people, interiors, or when you find a nice landscape while traveling.

How To Use iPhone 11 Ultra Wide Camera


When you open the camera app, you won’t find the ultra wide and wide options. If this is your first time having an iPhone with a dual-camera system, you may get confused. But, once you know how to use the iPhone 11 ultra wide camera, you will notice it is super easy.

  1. Tap the camera icon on your iPhone 11, whether that is from the lock screen or home screen.
  2. Flip your iPhone 11 to a horizontal position and hold it steady.
  3.  On top of the camera menu, you will see 1x. Tap on it once to switch to 0.5x. Alternatively, press the 1x and swipe to the right to you get 0.5x or the adjust as wide you want. You can also use your fingers to zoom out the camera.
  4. Before you take a picture on your iPhone 11 ultra wide camera, you can adjust and lock the exposure if you want to. Press your finger in the middle of the camera screen until the yellow square with the sun icon appears. Swipe your finger up or down gently to adjust the exposure.
  5. When you are ready, tap the shutter button.

Actually, when you are taking a photo on iPhone 11, by default it uses both cameras — the wide and ultra wide. It means you can have the ultra wide photo thereafter by zooming out the photo while you are editing. This is possible if only you have enabled the Photo Capture Outside the Frame feature on your iPhone 11 and you edit the photo within 30 days after you capture it.

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