iOS 9.1 Update Causing Malfunction Of Touch ID

iOS 9.1 has been available since October 22 with some bug fixes, such as a notification issue on iOS 9.0.2. But, some users reported that iOS 9.1 update causing malfunction of Touch ID on iPhone and iPad. They said the Touch ID response in recognizing the fingerprint was very slow, and in some cases it didn’t work at all. This issue appears when they try to unlock iPhone or when they used it for Apple Pay.

This issue was reported for the first time by Forbes, whereas the large number of users have already started raising the issue across Apple’s official Support Communities forum. “I’m using an iPhone 6s 64GB and upgraded to iOS 9.1 a few days ago. My Touch ID has become very slow or either doesn’t work after several attempts, and I need to input my passcode,” a user wrote in a forum post. Some of them have tried to hard reset the device, but it didn’t solve the problem.



At this moment, user is not able to downgrade to iOS 9.0.2, because that version has been closed by Apple. What you can do is to attempt these things:

  • Try to delete the fingerprint on SettingsTouch >> ID and Passcode, then create the new one.
  • Try to restore your device and make sure you have backed up your data first due to this procedure can delete all contents and apps.

If the two steps above didn’t solve the issue, you have to wait for the new update from Apple. Today, Apple has released iOS 9.2 beta 2 for public testers. The beta release does not bring any new features, but includes some bug fixes that might also have a solution for the Touch ID issue.

Source: ibtimes via forbes

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