The Inside Car Mode On The Samsung Galaxy S5

We are all well aware about the dangers of using a phone behind the wheel. Samsung has added the Inside Car mode feature on the Galaxy S5 which can provide you with several functionalities that you can use while remaining as safe as possible. You will obviously have to use it in a vent mounted dock or a windshield. Here’s what the Inside Car mode on the Galaxy S5 can do for you.

How to activate it

galaxy s5 inside car mode

Samsung Galaxy S5 Inside Car mode 1

There are two ways of activating this mode. The first method is pretty simple, slide down to your quick settings and find the appropriate icon and then toggle it. The second option is connecting to your car’s Bluetooth if you have one. So every time it detects the bluetooth of your car, it automatically gets connected to it and will activate the Car mode.

The functionality of the Car mode is very little which is a good thing. There are only 4 things that you can do here: make a call, send a text message, listen to your music, and use the navigation. And even if you choose to touch the screen, you will not have to concentrate too much because the buttons become gigantic.

To use it with your voice, all you have to say is “Hi Galaxy” and it will be at your service.

Some Example Voice Commands

galaxy s5 inside car mode

Samsung Galaxy S5 Inside Car mode 2

Each of the four things that you can do in this mode have voice commands. Here are some of them:

  • “Call Becky home”
  • “Text Mike message I’m driving”
  • “Navigate to Empire State Building”
  • “Play album 5 Seconds of Summer”

These are pretty basic, but these commands are enough to get your job done while still maintaining your concentration on driving.

Some Settings

Customizability is the key thing about Android, and to be honest, that’s the main reason why we love it. All the four things that you can do, have their own settings to customize. While they are basic too, it is definitely worth checking them out because who knows, that little tweak might make you love your phone much more. Here are some of those settings:

  • Phone – Suggested contacts and editing them
  • Messages – Suggested contacts or to keep your most messaged people close and set a stock response message. All of these things are editable.
  • Navigation – Here you can set different locations, such as “home” and “work”. So if you just wanted to navigate to your home, you can just say “navigate home” and it will show you the directions. You can also add some custom places.

This Car mode on the Galaxy S5 is extremely fascinating and simple tool that lets you stay connected without having to touch your phone or being distracted while driving. Even though there is still a danger in using it while driving because we are not wired to multitask, but Samsung has done a great job at minimizing the risk of running into a tree.

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What do you think of this feature? Is it useful for you?

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