How To Improve LG G4 Battery Life

When it comes to LG G4 and its battery life, there are some mixed reviews. While some people are satisfied, the other complain about the battery drain. If you are one of the people who needs to charge its device every few hours and if you are wondering how to improve LG G4 battery life, read the tips we have prepared for you. Most importantly, the things you can do to make the battery last longer are very simple. Let’s see.

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How to improve LG G4 battery life


Turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 4G and GPS when not in use

Let’s start with the obvious. When Wi-Fi or 4G are enabled, the battery on your device will drain faster. Turn them off when you don’t use them or need them turn these services off. Let’s take Wi-Fi as an example. If you are in the restaurant, or in the park, on anywhere else, your device will keep searching for the network if the service is enabled. This is a simple thing to do, but can be pretty effective.


Adjust the brightness level manually

The other simple thing you can do is to lower down the brightness level. To change this, navigate to Settings > Display > Brightness and then uncheck “Automatic brightness”. Move the bar to adjust the brightness level.


Screen timeout

If the screen timeout is set for a minute, two or more it means that each time you put your device down the screen will be turned on for a few more minutes. Is this really necessary? Of course not. The best thing you can do is set screen timeout to 30 seconds. To do that, just go to Settings > Display, tap on Screen timeout and choose the appropriate time.


Download Greenify

There are tons of useful apps in the Play Store, and one of the apps that can help you with the battery drain problem on your LG G4 is Greenify. As you might have installed some apps that can misbehave that will affect the battery life, and Greenify will put such apps into hibernation when you are not using them. That way, the apps will not cause issues with the battery and won’t slow your device down.


Download Snapdragon Battery Guru

Another useful app is Snapdragon Battery Guru. The app learns how you use your smartphone and then it optimizes your device to make the battery last longer without disabling the phone’s functionality. Make sure to try it out, it’s pretty awesome.


Sync options

You should check out the Sync options and disable what you don’t need. You can do this with a few clicks, just go to Settings, General > Accounts > Google and then go through the options to turn off the things you don’t use or need.


Use the Battery saver

Manufacturers are trying the best they can to make the battery last longer, and modern smartphones come with the Battery saver option. When this option is enabled, it disables some options to make the battery last longer. Go to Settings > Battery & Power saving > Battery Saver and turn it on.



These are some simple things you can do to make the LG G4 battery to last longer between charges so make sure to try them out!



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