Huawei P10 Doesn’t Recognize a SIM Card – How To Fix It

Huawei P10 is a high-end smartphone which offers some amazing features and user experience. The flagship model of Huawei is a striking with a 5.1-inch touch screen offering a 1080p resolution for enhanced viewing quality. The smartphone also features an excellent rear camera, sleek design, and a great battery life of 3200 mAh. With so many excellent features in this smartphone, there have been certain complaints with regard to specific features of this phone. Huawei has been trying to resolve as many issues as possible.

Huawei P10 SIM Card Issue

Sometimes the users of Huawei P10 smartphone experience this issue and complain as their Huawei P10 doesn’t recognize a SIM card. If you are also facing this issue of SIM card non-detection, then here are some potential solutions to the same.

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Solutions for Huawei P10 SIM card issue

Use a Standard SIM Card

Go through the User Guide that came with your smartphone to check the type of SIM card your phone supports. If the phone supports only micro or nano SIM card, then do not try cutting the SIM card by yourself. You might end up cutting it too short to fit into the SIM card slot properly. Moreover, if the SIM card does not fit properly, then this might also damage the internal hardware of your phone. Therefore, you must reach out to the SIM card service provider to get it shaped properly as per the SIM card slot of your smartphone. This might resolve the issue of your SIM card not detecting on the smartphone.

Install the SIM Card Properly

Huawei P10 Doesn't Recognize a SIM Card

Many times, the SIM card not detecting issue is caused due to the improper placement or installation of the SIM card into its respective slot. You must go through the provided User Guide to ensure the correct process of inserting the required SIM card into the right SIM slot. Then, you must also follow the installation process of the SIM card properly to ensure that your smartphone detects the same in a hassle-free manner.

Ensure the Cleanliness of the SIM Card Surface

There are instances wherein the SIM card surface tends to become unclean or damaged. This might happen due to oxidation, scratching, or external wear & tear of the surface of the SIM card. The contact sheet on the SIM card that connects the card to the SIM card holder is metallic. If the metallic surface gets oxidized or smudged, then your smartphone might not be able to detect the same. To resolve this issue, take a cotton ball dipped in absolute alcohol and then wipe off the metallic surface of the SIM card. If you are not sure of this technique by yourself, then you can take some professional help.

Replace the SIM Card When Torn or Damaged

If you have been using a particular SIM card for a long time, then there are chances of it getting damaged or the SIM card might be worn out. Thus, the problem of the smartphone not detecting your SIM card might arise. In such a case, try replacing the older SIM card with a new one without having the need to change your number. Carriers do not charge for this.

Restore Factory Settings

In case you have tried all solutions and there is no hardware problem detected, then you can try out the final solution by performing Factory Reset action on your Huawei P10 smartphone. This might restore all the necessary features of your smartphone. However, you must ensure that you have created a proper backup of all the important files before doing the factory reset as it might delete all the data stored on your phone.

Steps to perform factory reset

Try out these simple steps to resolve the Huawei P10 SIM card issue.

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