How to view private Instagram Profile

Instagram is a social media network that puts its users’ privacy in the first place. You can make your account either public or private and do many other things to protect your account. But what if you want to see the content and posts that people with private accounts post? Could that be possible? And how can you do it? You cannot do much unless you are a hacker, but then again, hacking other people’s Instagram accounts is illegal, and it is invading some other person’s privacy. Although, you might want to try these tips below and perhaps see that person’s private profile.

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Just ask that person to let you follow him/her

This is one of the safest and fastest ways to see someone’s private profile. All that you have to do is to send them a follow request! They will get a notification on their phones saying that you requested to follow them, and there is a big chance that they might accept you, especially if you know them somehow. So do not be afraid to press that request button. Nothing terrible is going to happen to you! If, or, once they have accepted your follow request, you will be able to see all of their content. Their photos, videos, IGTVs, Instagram stories, and even who follows them and who do they follow.

Make a fake Instagram account

If you, for some reason, do not want to follow that person from your real profile, you can always make another Instagram with a new, different username. Just register a new account on Instagram with a fake name, find that private profile that you want to follow, send a follow request and wait a while to see if they will accept your request. But, of course, make sure that the profile looks like a real person, and it would be great if you could make that new account private.

Some people do not want to accept strangers on their profile, so do not be bummed about it if they deny your follow request. Also, you might even get blocked.

Keep in mind that this way is not very legitimate and that it might get you in trouble if a person you have requested to follow somehow finds out that you were the one hiding behind that account, especially if they somehow know you. We hope you will not use your fake account for scamming, stalking, or posting rude content on your profile. So, do not use it for unethical purposes and do not invade someone’s privacy!

Google their username

Oh, we are sure that you had seen your photos from some of your social media accounts on Google when you searched your name. You can do that with that private Instagram account! Some of their posts might be out there on Google Images. This is a shot in the dark since their profile is private. Chances are, you will not be able to find any photo or a video of them on Google. But still, give it a shot!

Get a friend to help you

Since you do not want to request to follow that person with your account, ask a friend to do it! If they get accepted, you will always see that person’s pictures and videos on your friend’s phone. And if your friend is kind enough, they might even take screenshots of new posts of that person and send them to you as soon as they post something. So find a friend that would be glad to do this for you.