How To Verify a TikTok Account

Have you seen that blue tick beside a TikTok user’s name or profile photo? It is a verification badge given to the most influential, authentic, and active creators on TikTok. Also, this verification tick is given to real-life (i.e., outside of the TikTok community) celebrities who join TikTok so that their account cannot be impersonated by someone else.

Those who are not celebrities in real life but have substantial followers on TikTok also get the blue tick verification. The criteria for TikTok giving the verification to non-celebrity people is not clear. Still, according to TikTok, it is given to those TikTok users who are noteworthy to ensure that TikTok users can see their authentic content.

They should also comply with the TikTok Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. Read on for more tips to improve your chances of getting the verification from TikTok.


You need to post TikTok videos consistently and make sure your followers keep liking your videos consistently too. Fix a schedule according to which you should post videos. This will make you a reliable content creator in the eyes of your followers.

High-quality videos

Always post high-quality videos on TikTok to attract people to TikTok to view your videos more. If you post low-quality videos, then TikTok users are highly likely not to watch any more of your videos. So, use a good-resolution camera to record your videos.

If you do not have anyone else to hold your camera while you shoot your video, you can invest in a tripod camera stand to hold your camera while recording. Also, ensure that the videos you shoot are vertical and not tilted or horizontal, as most users usually watch videos on their smartphones with a vertical orientation.

Post popular content

When you make videos for TikTok, remember to make them along the lines of what is already popular currently. This will get the content you make to more viewers because it is already popular. This can increase your chances of getting more followers. You might also get more likes and comments too.

TikTok users might share your content and may reach an even wider audience. This is how videos tend to go viral. In addition to this, you can participate in trending challenges to showcase your competence as a creator. This will bring you more respect in the TikTok community and can earn you significant followers who are loyal. In addition, you should use trending hashtags relevant to your videos to give your video a better chance of getting featured on TikTok and hence reach a bigger audience.

Follow to get followers

There are certain ways in which you can get more followers. If you follow TikTok users, then it is very likely that they might follow you back. This is because when someone follows you online, then you most likely follow them back.


You should prioritize making your TikTok videos as entertaining as possible because people on TikTok are always looking for entertaining content. The more entertaining you make your videos, the more the users are going to watch your videos. When a user comes across your TikTok profile, what makes that user become your follower is how entertaining your video is to that user. So, use as much creativity as possible to make the best and most entertaining videos possible.

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