How To Use The Call Forwarding, Conferencing Calling And Caller ID Blocking Feature On Your Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is the sixth edition of Samsung Galaxy. If you have owned a new set or planning to buy one then learn here how to use some of the features of this newly bought phone. The process to use call forwarding, conference calling and caller ID blocking feature on Galaxy S6 Edge are explained here.

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Process to use call forwarding in Galaxy S6 edge

call forwarding, conference calling and caller ID blocking feature on Galaxy S6 Edge

Call forwarding is a helpful feature in every phone that allows you to direct the incoming calls to any other phone numbers. The numbers could be anything local, STD, international etc. Once you set up this feature every call will be re-directed to the set number. You can turn off or on the feature when required. Also you can change the phone number.

But for using this feature first you need to activate it. The process to activate this feature in your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is as follows:

> Touch the phone from your home screen to get the dialer.

> Press the asterisk (*), 7, 2 on the keypad for activating the call forwarding feature. You can deactivate the same feature by pressing *720 on the keypad. (But remember this activation and deactivation keys differ according to the carriers.)

> Next put the area code and the specific phone number in which your calls will be forwarded.

> After providing the number press the green dialing icon. Immediately you will hear a voice that will confirm the activation process of call forwarding. Now onwards all your incoming calls will be directed to that mentioned number.

Process to use conference calling feature in Galaxy S6 Edge

call forwarding, conference calling and caller ID blocking feature on Galaxy S6 Edge

Conference calling is the feature that enhances the calling usage in any phone just beyond two party calls. Conference calling is also called as 3-way calling which allows you to connect to more than one people at the same time. That is you can do a group chat or more people can interact over phone at the same time. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge let you connect to two people together through conference calling. There are separate charges for this conference calling feature which varies with the carriers.

Learn here the process to use this conference calling feature in you Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

> Touch the phone from the home screen to get the app screen.

> Now dial a number first and wait for the connection to happen. Once it is connected, tap the add call option and dial the second number from keyboard. Also you can dial it from contact list or call logs.

> When your phone starts dialing the second number the first number will be placed in hold.

> When the second call is connected, tap the ‘merge’ option and conference calling will be started. You can end the call just by touching the ‘End call’ icon.

AS you have first started the call so once you hang up, all the calls will be disconnected. But if any of the other two persons disconnect the calls then you will remain connected to the remaining caller.

Call waiting is also a feature that is used to enhance the calling usage. This feature provides you the signal of an incoming call when you are engaged in another call. So you can keep the first caller on hold and attend the second call or else end the first call and then answer the second call. The process is explained below:

> When you get the beep sounds of call waiting just slide the ‘Answer call icon’ to the right and the first call will go on hold so that you can answer the second call.

> Again touch the option ‘swap’ to go back to the first call.

Process to use caller ID blocking feature in Galaxy S6 Edge

Caller ID represents the caller identification. Caller ID blocking feature in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge allows you to hide your identification from your recipient. By following the below steps you can do so:

> First enter asterisk (*), 6, 7 on the keypad.

> Next provide the number and dial it.

> The call will go to the recipient but it will not reveal your information.

So you can now activate call forwarding, conference calling and caller ID blocking feature on Galaxy S6 Edge when required by following the instruction.

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