How to use Google Meet for eLearning

Online distance learning has become a new norm as an alternative to traditional classroom learning. Educators all over the world have turned to digital tools as a means to conduct online classrooms. Google Meet is one of the best online video services used by teachers to facilitate online learning. For an educator to conduct online classes, they must have premium G Suite account for more features. If you’re a teacher and you’ve been assigned a task to conduct online classes, then I’ve outlined for you to learn how to use Google Meet for eLearning.

Let’s get to it.

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How to set up your first class meeting on Google Meet

You can create your online class on Google Meet through Google Calendar to remind or notify your students. Keep in mind to set up your G Suite for Education in order to conduct online classes on Google Meet. Here’s how to set up your first class step by step.

Step 1: Go to Google Calendar on your browser.

Step 2: Click on any place in Calendar for a pop-up window to show up. Click “More Options” for more settings.

Step 3: Enter your class name in “Add title” and tap time and date text boxes to change the date and time for when you want to start the class.

Step 4: To make your class occur weekly, daily, make sure to click “Custom” to change it according to your class schedule.

Step 5: To remind your students for upcoming class, click the “Notification” bell icon, select “Email”, and set time to alert your students 30 minutes (Specify your time here) before the class starts.

Step 6: Add a nice description of your class in the description box. You can specify which topics you will be teaching in the class.

Step 7: Now it’s time to inform your students about this class. Click “Add Guests” on the right side under the Guest tab. Type in your students’ email addresses in the box.

Step 8: Hit the “Save” button at the top to send a class notification to your students.

Finally, you’ve successfully created your first online classroom. You can click on this event on Calendar anytime to find Link to your online classroom.

Created your first online class on Google Meet, what’s next?

You’ve just joined your online classroom, and you might be wondering how to manage your classroom snow. Here are some important features to make the best use of your classroom.

Record Meeting: You can use this G Suite feature to record your classroom lecture when some of your students aren’t present. You’ll find this option when you join the Google Meet and click three-dot menu options at the bottom right corner.

Present now: Share your screen or important study material with your students when you enable this feature by clicking on “Present now.”

Slides Q&A: With this G Suite feature, you can let your students to ask questions about slides you’re presenting. You’ll find this option when you’re presenting in Google Slides.

Chat for your classroom: You can use this feature to send important docs or links to your students. You will find this feature on the right side of your meeting window.

Captions for your students: Turn on captions for your students so that they can read what you’re saying.

Pin, Mute, Remove your participants: When you pin a student, he or she will be shown only on the meeting window. This is extremely useful when a student is giving a presentation. Mute a student only when it has become noisy to conduct the classroom peacefully. Finally, you don’t want to take this action, however, if you have to you can remove someone with remove option.