How to use Google Cardboard VR with an iPhone

Google has got a solution to allow you the ability to try a virtual reality directly from the iPhone. At first, it was designed specifically for Android devices, but it fits with iOS devices as well. If you are an iPhone owner and would like to have the virtual reality experience using this tool, you can.

There are numerous apps made especially for this purpose, and once you get the Cardboard viewer, you don’t have to ask yourself how to use Google Cardboard VR with an iPhone? We bring you the information.

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What is cardboard?

This is a very simple tool that allows you to have the full virtual reality experience using this box that you can buy and order online. You can also make one for yourself, and it is easy to be done. Once you have bought or created cardboard, you can start exploring and enjoy using it.

If you are an iPhone owner, there is a lot of apps specially made and adjusted to the cardboard tool. There are also many different cardboards on the market, but all of them are quite affordable. You can find many of those on Google’s official site, so head there if you are about to order one. You can also follow some tutorials on the topic of how to create your cardboard viewer.

How to set up Cardboard with an iPhone?

The first step is to get a cardboard viewer, and then you can start with setting up. Head to the Apple Store and find the Cardboard application and install it. You should also check if your iPhone is fitting for this tool to use. To set Cardboard with your iPhone, it has to be at least 8.0 version or higher. And to see if your phone is fitting with a specific viewer, make sure to check the site where you have ordered it from.

Start using Cardboard on your iPhone

Now, when you have downloaded the Cardboard app and got the Carboard viewer, it is time to begin using it. First, open the Carboard app on your smartphone. Then you are supposed to pair the devices, so click on the right arrow on the upper right corner on your screen. The next step is to scan the QR code on your viewer. Now, open the top flap on your viewer. Move flats and press then the clamps on both sides of the viewer. Put your smartphone inside, in the place where it should be positioned, and close the flap on the top.

Now, you have positioned your iPhone and can start watching through the viewer and get a full virtual reality experience. So, before you start looking through the viewer, make sure to look first at some random object that is placed far away. Then bring the viewer to your face and while doing so, make sure to keep your eyes closed.

Now, when it is there, you can open the eyes and start using it. you will have to follow some instructions before you can watch some content using the viewer, so just read it, to get all information needed. If you want to use another viewer, you can change the setting in the Settings menu.

Apps for Google Cardboard

In the Apple Store, there are some apps you can download and use with the Cardboard. We have already mentioned a Google Cardboard which is the best app to start with. It allows you visiting a lot of places such as museums, the Eiffel tower and lets you take a look around these places. If you want to look right or left, just move your head.

There is also a Moorente app that you can download. This is a funny game, where it is the main goal to shoot the birds. The app Virtual Reality is also funny and allows you to take a look at some world’s biggest cities such as New York. This app lets you have the experience of the movie that you are acting in