How to use CBS all access

CBS is an American television network with many TV shows available. Have you ever heard of a show called Star Trek? We bet that you had! It is one of the most popular TV shows in the world, and it is available for streaming on CBS. Of course, CBS is home to other super-popular TV shows as well, such as The Twilight Zone, The Good Fight, NCIS and etc. So basically CBS all access is a streaming service available online, but you cannot have it through your cable network. It is a platform that is similar to Netflix, HBO, Hulu and etc.

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The cost of CBS all access

You can get a subscription on CBS that includes commercials, and the one without any commercials. The commercial subscription is, of course, lower, and it costs only six dollars a month. While the subscription plan without the adds costs around ten dollars a month. You are able to pay ahead and get a subscription for a year with a big 15% off discount. Once you register on CBS you will get 7 days of streaming for free. Before those seven days expire you are able to cancel your subscription or maybe change the subscription plan if you want to.

How to sign in to CBS all access

You can register on CBS from any device that you have or you are currently using. Just open this link in your browser so you can continue: .

  • Once you have opened that link in your browser you are going to need to choose which subscription plan you want to use. Select the one you want and then click on the Continue button.
  • You will be then asked to create a new account on CBS. Fill out all the required blank forms. You will be asked to write out your name, email, gender, birth date, and etc. When you are done click on the Continue button. And, of course, check the button that you agree with all of their terms.
  • And in the last step, you will need to select and add your payment method. You can pay with a credit card and they also support and accept PayPal.
  • When you are done with that, finally, click on the big Start CBS all access button and you can start streaming your favorite shows and maybe discover some new ones as well!

If you want to have CBS on other devices

As we previously mentioned, CBS all access is available on many devices. For instance, you can download a CBS all access app on your phone, smart TV, and even on XBOX one. As long as you have a stable internet connection on that device you will be able to stream TV shows all the time. The only requirement for iPhone and Android users is that they must have at least a 6.0 version of the CBS all access app downloaded and installed on their phone. You are even able to use the Download & Play feature on CBS all access if you are an Android or an iPhone user. This is a premium feature, meaning that you must have that second add-free subscription on CBS. Although, have in mind that the download content from CBS all access will not be able outside of the USA.

Devices that support CBS all access:

  • Roku
  • Fire Tv
  • Chromecast
  • Xbox one
  • Playstation 4
  • Apple Tv
  • Android Tv

Also, an amazing thing is that you are able to stream CBS all access on five devices at once, which gives you the privilege to share your subscription with your family or your friends.