How to use Apple Watch to call 911

Besides lots of options that Apple watch provides to its users, there is another one that is quite important and useful. You can use your Apple Watch to call 911, or other emergency services if you are not located in the United States.

This is one more option that makes users of the Watch feel safer anywhere they go. Are you asking yourself how to use Apple Watch to call 911? Well, here is some information about this feature in the text bellow.

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Emergency call-how it works?

The feature of an emergency SOS call allows you to easily and quickly call for the help and alarm your contacts that you have set as a contact to call in the case of an emergency. Making the emergency SOS call means that your Apple Watch is automatically calling the local services and it also shares the location that you are at. The Watch is sharing your location via text message after you finish the call.

So, the Apple Watch sends the location after you finish the call, and after some time it will send the location again if you change it. in some countries where the emergency services are divided, so the number to call the police, ambulance or fire departments is not the same. The Apple Watch allows you to choose which department to call.

Some series of Apple Watches allow you calling the emergency service when you are not in your domestic country. This feature can help you feel safer when you are traveling to other regions or countries. Specific thing is that the Apple Watch will not send the location texts or any updates about it if you are traveling out of your domestic country.

How to make an emergency call?

To make an emergency call on your Apple Watch, it has to have a cellular, otherwise, your iPhone needs to be close. If your phone is not there, the Watch needs an internet connection to a known network and you have to set up Wi-Fi calls. To make a call, you should follow these steps.

First, to have opened an Emergency SOS menu on your Apple Watch, press and hold the Digital Crown. Keep holding the Digital Crown, or we can say side button, and wait for the countdown to start. After the countdown is done, the Apple Watch will immediately call for emergency service. When a call is over, the Apple Watch will send your location via text message. You can choose to cancel this service if you prefer so.

Automatically call emergency SOS

Sometimes, it can happen to accidentally make the emergency service, if you have an auto call turned on. Holding the side button can be pressed firmly, without you to feel it. so, you can turn auto call just by the Apple Watch menu on your iPhone and choosing the section My Watch and turning of the holding of side button for emergency calls.

Emergency contacts

To add emergency contacts, you should open the Health application and open your profile. Find the Medical Details heading and choose Medical ID option. You will see the Edit button, so click on it and scroll down to find a section Emergency contact.

Tap the green icon for adding emergency contact. After you enter the name of your emergency contact, you should press the Done button to save the changes you have made. You cannot set the emergency services to be your emergency contact.

To remove your emergency contact, open the same app, and go to through the Medical Details to Medical ID options. Find the Edit button and scroll to the Emergency contact section. You will see the list of your emergency contacts if you have more than one, and click to the option delete next to the name of your earlier saved contact. To save changes, press done.

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