How To Uninstall Skype From Mac

The communication apps have gained dominance over the desk telephones in the last decade. They are cheaper,

The communication apps have gained dominance over the desk telephones in the last decade. They are cheaper, faster and convenient. Skype has topped its fame among individuals, families and business people. But, there are many other apps as well. If you previously used Skype on your Mac but decided to switch to another app, you probably want to remove Skype. Here, we are going to show you how to uninstall Skype from Mac.

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The procedure

Before going into detail, let us tell you that if you have been using Skype and want to uninstall it permanently, then it would be fine if you first delete the Microsoft credentials for Skype. It would remove all of the data on Skype, leaving no online cache behind.

To move forward to the uninstallation process, from the menu bar, click the Skype icon and choose Quit Skype from the pop-up menu. Then move into the Applications folder and find Skype over there. Once located, drag it to the trash. The first step of the uninstallation gets completed.

Then, open up the Finder and Go to the Folder by pressing Shift + Command + G. In this process, the libraries, cached files, and the executable strings are deleted. In Go to the Folder, locate Library and from there open Application Support. Within the Application Support, you will find Skype Helper. Drag that to the trash too.

Next thing to do is to locate Microsoft in the Application Support folder. In the Microsoft folder, you will find Skype for Desktop. Repeat the same process, move it to trash. Uninstalling Skype for Desktop will also remove the call logs and history from Skype. If you wish to keep that, you may skip this process.

Then is the time for the host files. Move back to the Library folder and open Preferences folder. Here you will find a couple of host links for Skype which would be and Move these files to the trash. It will disconnect Skype’s connection from your Mac.

At this point, Skype is completely removed from Mac. If you are having trouble with removing the business version of Skype, you may read further.

Uninstalling Skype Business

The business version of Skype is indeed an advantage for small and medium-sized businesses. Even the giants could use that as an alternative source for communication. If your organization has moved to a different app, like Slack, you probably want to move Skype from the office machines.

All the steps would remain the same as for the standard Skype which includes trashing it from the Applications and removing its library and preference files.

The additional step includes removal of the added files for the business version. Move to Go to the Folder and open Library. Locate Containers folder and trash Move back to Library and then open Saved Application State. From this folder trash Also, another file from preferences should be moved to the trash and that would be com.microsofty.skypeforbusiness.plist.

The business version of Skype also includes plugins that enhance the communication level for the businesses. They need to be removed as well. From the Library folder open Internet Plug-ins and find MeetingJoinPlugin.plugin. By moving these to trash, you will remove the Skype plugins.

And after doing this last step, Skype would be completely removed from your office machine.

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