How to Turn On Dark Mode On iPhone SE 2020

When you enable the dark mode on your iPhone SE, you will see a different color design. The background will turn into black color instead of white. Apart from that, some people believe the dark mode can reduce eye strain and slightly decrease your iPhone battery consumption. The feature is actually designed to suit your eyes when using the iPhone in a low-light environment. However, you can turn on dark mode on iPhone SE anytime you want. Here is how.

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How To Turn On Dark Mode on iPhone SE


There are three methods you can use to turn on dark mode on iPhone SE 2020: through the Settings, Control Center, or ask Siri. Choose one that fits you best.

Method 1 – Via Settings

To turn on Dark Mode on iPhone SE, just open the Settings from the home screen. The Dark Mode lies in the Display & Brightness sections on Settings. So, find and hit on it. Then, simply tap on the Dark. Voila! Your iPhone screen background changes from white to black color.

Method 2 – Control Center

Some users find this method is easier than the first one. Swipe up the screen from the bottom to bring up the Control Center. Hold the Brightness settings and tap on the Dark Mode icon to turn it on. Whenever you want to use the light mode, follow the same steps, and hit the same icon to disable it.

Method 3 – Ask Siri

This is the easiest and fastest way to turn on Dark Mode on iPhone SE. As simple as you press the home button to wake up Siri and say ”turn on dark mode” or something similar. However, to use this method your iPhone must be connected to the Internet. You cannot use Siri without the Internet.

How To Schedule Dark Mode On iPhone SE

Although Dark Mode is well used in a low-light environment, you can always enable it any time you want. Alternatively, you can also set the feature to automatically activate at a certain time, for example from 7 pm to 7 am every day. This way, you don’t have to remind yourself to turn on Dark Mode on iPhone SE. Once you set the schedule, the screen of your iPhone will turn out form light mode to dark mode on its own automatically.

  1. Pull up the iPhone Settings and head to Display & Brightness section.
  2. Toggle the button next to Automatic into green color. By default, Dark Mode will set from sunset to sunrise automatically.
  3. If you want to adjust the schedule, hit Options under the Automatic option, and select Custom Schedule. Adjust the time by tapping the Dark Appearance or the Light Appearance options.