How to turn off safe mode on Android

If you’re ever stuck in Safe Mode on your Android device and cannot exit, this article is for you. Once you are in Safe Mode, all installed applications are disabled and the widgets won’t work. All you have to do now is to follow these instructions to fix this issue. There are six simple ways to turn off safe mode on Android devices and if one of them does not work just try another.

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By using the notification tree

This is the easiest method to exit the Safe mode. First, you slide down the notifications tree, then you can see “safe mode turned on”, and right below you find “Tap here to turn off Safe mode”. Once you tap, it will give you the option to restart your device by choosing the “Restart now”. After restarting your device you will be out of the safe mode.

By long pressing the power button

There is another option to treat this issue and it’s by long pressing the power button. Once you did so, you will get three options: “Power off”, “Restart” and “Emergency mode”. Right on the top, you hit “Power off” then you tap again the “Power off” and your device should come out of the Safe mode after restarting. For some other devices, you have only to tap long “Power off” then “Safe mode” option should pop up, just hit it and you would be out of safe mode.

By removing the battery of your device

If that did not work and if you own an old device then you would be able to make these few steps; make sure your device is on and simply take off the back of your device, remove the battery, remove the SIM card and leave them for two to three minutes. After a few minutes, you only have to put back the battery and the SIM card in your device and turn on your device. It should boot up normally.

If your battery device is non-removable

If you have a non-removable battery, turn off your device and just hold the power button and the volume down button simultaneously for seven seconds and you should be out of safe mode.

By uninstalling an application

If you still stuck in the Safe mode, then go to “Settings”, then into “Apps”. After this, you must look for the application recently installed just before entering into the Safe mode. Tap the app that you wish to uninstall and you will find the “uninstall” option right below the name of the application. This action should fix the problem.

If you don’t want to uninstall the app and you are afraid to lose data, go back to “Apps” and find one of the applications that you have recently installed. Then find the “Storage” option that you will lead you to another option called “clear cache”, tap it, then tap “clear data” which is located right above “clear cache”. Don’t worry, this option will only delete the temporary files and your permanent files will be kept safe.

Reset apps preference

Go to “Settings” then into “Apps”, then tap the three dots (you can see them at the top left of your screen). Once you tap it, you’ll find “Reset app preference” at the end of the list. Click on this option and a window will pop up asking you to confirm by clicking “Reset”. This procedure should also help in solving the problem.

These should be the best ways to remove Safe mode issues on Android devices, so go and check if any of these solutions are going to help.