How to trim a video on Snapchat

Besides many options that Snapchat is providing to its users, there is one particularly interesting option when it comes to the editing of videos. The videos can be edited in different ways, so you can compress it, crop, resize, reposition it, or you can trim a video.

All of these options can be used and what is most important to remember when you are editing video, is that Snapchat supports the videos lasting no longer than 10 seconds. So, how to trim a video on Snapchat?

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What is the Trim option?

To trim a video means to cut it in a way that you set a specific moment of video as its beginning and set the specific moment of videos as its ending. This option is available on Snapchat, and using it you can determine the point for a video to start, and the point for a video to end.

Now, when you consider the fact that videos on Snapchat cannot last longer than 10 seconds, this option is great when you are about to show a certain moment on the video and not all of the content that lasts too long.

Many people use a trim option while sharing the hilarious video because they want to show just a couple of seconds recorded, and not the rest which is not funny, and viewers can miss points. In basic, trimming means to cut a video and show just a part of the content you want to.

The process to trim a video on Snapchat

The process of trimming a video on Snapchat is very easy and to do so, just follow these couple of steps. First, go to your Snapchat app and take a video using the camera. Now, when you have recorded it, you can see a preview before sharing it with your friends.

So, to cut down the video into the smaller pieces, or better say to trim it, you should click on the Edit Video heading and then look for the button named Trim. When you have done so, you will notice on your snippet the small video beginning from the lower-left corner of your device’s screen.

This is also some sort of preview, or we can call it a tool slide. When you tap on it, you will notice the handles on the beginning and end of this tool. These handles can be moved, which is the tool helping to cut down the video and to get the separate units.

Moving the handles will result in showing up the scissors. So, move the handles where you want and tap. This will lead to creating a video unit that lasts from the point you have set the left handle to the point where the right handle is. It will be shown as a unit below, standing itself as a video. If you are about to cut down the original video to get more of separate units, repeat the process.

Now, when you have finished with trimming video, click on the Done Trimming option and you will be brought back at the snippet preview, having your trimmed video ready for sharing.

Enter numbers manually

Here is another way to trim a video on Snapchat, and set its time of beginning and the ending. If you click on the button Trim Video, you will be led to the new screen where the time of beginning and ending the video can be added manually. so just enter the second you want to set as a start point of the video, and the second for the ending point.

When you have trimmed it, you can proceed to the Done Trimming option and get back to the screen you left off due to trimming. Now, you can share the video.

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