How to transfer files on TeamViewer

In this article, you are going to find out how to transfer files between your two devices that are connected via TeamViewer. We are going to be showing you two ways that you can do this, and also we shall be telling you the difference between these two ways.

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Steps to transferring files on TeamViewer using your browser

  • You will first need to open up the TeamViewer application on your computer device.
  • Once you open the app, you will be able to see that two windows have shown up on your screen. You will need to log into your TeamViewer account into the Computers & Contacts window. Just simply type your email and password and log in right away.
  • In that same Computers & Contacts window, you will be able to see that you must select a device to which you want to connect your current device. Simply select a device from the list of the available devices. Of course, you have to have the TeamViewer application installed on that other device as well, in order to be able to connect those two. So, if you don’t, go download and install it right away.
  • And, on that second window that has previously opened on your screen, you should be able to see many different options at the beginning of it. Among those options, find the File Transfer option and click on it. By clicking on it you are going to be opening the File Transfer browser on your desktop.
  • Now, once the browser (another new window) has opened, you should be able to choose from which device you want to transfer your files. Since you are on your computer, you are able to transfer your computer’s files to that other device. But, you are also able to set up so that you download some files from that other device to your computer. Choose whichever option suits you the most.
  • Go through the library of your devices and find the files that you want to transfer. To transfer files, you just need to move your cursor to that file’s name, and to drag it on the other side. (since the window is split into half there).
  • And when you are done with transferring all of the files that you wanted to, simply close that window by clicking on the Close button. And that is pretty much it.

Steps to transferring files on TeamViewer using File Box

  • You will need to do steps 1-3 from the first paragraph so that you can continue. After that, head over to the second step.
  • Now, this step is similar to the fourth one from the previous paragraph, but, you need to find the File Box option there instead of the File Transfer one. So, at the beginning of that window, find the File Box option and click on it. It is important to say that the difference between these two methods of transferring files, is that this one (the second one) must be accepted. In other words, if you want to transfer files from one device to another, you must accept the transfer on that second device, or you will not be able to continue.
  • Two new windows should show up on your screen. You should be able to browse through your device’s files in one. And when you find the file that you want to transfer, you just simply drag it to that second window.
  • And, on the other device, you will have to accept that transferring process. A notification will probably arrive notifying you that you should accept the transfer. After you accept it, the transfer process should begin shortly.

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