How to tell if someone blocked you on Instagram

Many things have changed over the years. These days, there are many social networks and one of the most popular ones is Instagram. Aside from the option that allows you to post your photos or videos, you can follow other users and they can follow you. If you are suspicious and think that one of the users blocked you, and you want to confirm that, keep reading. We are going to show you how to tell if someone blocked you on Instagram.

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Almost all social networks have some things in common. One of them is the fact you won’t receive a notification when someone decides to block you. So, if you expected to be notified about an Instagram block, that’s not gonna happen.

You can open the app, go to search and type the name of the user. Nothing? It could be the user blocked you. Keep in mind that this may also mean the user deactivated or deleted the profile. So, do not jump to conclusions. You can check for the profile existence using another Instagram account, not yours. A person’s profile is there? Yes, you are blocked.

Additionally, you can see if someone blocked you by checking on the likes and the comments that the user left on the accounts you both follow. If someone blocks you, the likes and comments made by that person won’t disappear.

You will never be notified if someone blocks you on Instagram, but you can figure it all out on your own within minutes with one of the methods we have listed here.