Tips To Take A Perfect Slofie On iPhone 11 Series

Millions of people including you take a selfie or wefie and share it on social media every day. You have tried many poses and filter effects for your selfies. And now, you run out of ideas of taking a selfie on your iPhone 11? Why don’t you try to take a slofie? What is that? And how to take a slofie on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max?

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What Is Slofie?

When Apple introduced the iPhone 11 series on the 2019 September event, they also come with a new term – slofie. It’s not a new feature nor an app on iPhone 11 series or iOS 13. It stands for ”slow-motion selfie”.

Apple provides iPhone 11 series with 12 MP Truedepth Camera which can support slo-mo video on the front camera as well as on the main camera. Therefore, you can create a selfie in slow-mo mode using your iPhone front camera.

Tips How To Take A Perfect Slofie On iPhone 11 Series

Get Started

  1. Get the Camera app of your iPhone 11 ready.
  2. By default, it will set to the main camera. To set it to the front camera, tap the perfective flip button on the lower-right corner of the screen.
  3. Swipe the camera menu to the right to select Slo-mo.
  4. Choose the background or decide what kind of movement do you want to record.
  5. Tap the recording button when you are ready and tap it back to stop recording.

Be More Creative

Taking a slow-motion selfie is a snap, right? But, to take a perfect slofie on iPhone 11, you may need some more effort. You need to be more creative, especially if you wish to gain lots of thumbs up on social media. You can start with a simple movement, like shaking your head a bit or place a hair-dryer in front of your face to get wind effect on your hair.

Play around with the splashing water in the backyard or in the middle of the rain, is another creative idea to take a fabulous slofie. iPhone 11 series come with IP68 ratings which can stay in the water up to 30 minutes (maximum depth of 2 meters for iPhone 11 and 4 meters for iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max). Therefore, you don’t have to worry your iPhone will get water damaged while playing with water splash to get slofies.

Add Music

Slofie can also stand for slow-motion wefie. Take a wefie with friends using Slo-mo can be fun as well. For instance, you can make fun or dance movements in the party and record it using the front camera Slo-mo feature. But there is one important thing you need to know before posting a slofie with a music background. All things in your slofie will be slowed down, including the music or any sound that exist in the background.

To get the perfect slofie results, make sure you turn the sound off before sharing it to social media. After your turn off the original sound on your slofie, you can replace it with another music using iMovie or the other video editing apps.