How to stay safe on Kik

Kik is an app that is available for both Android phones and iPhones. It is basically a place to chat with strangers all around the world for free. Although, Kik is not only used to chat with people you do not know, you can of course, chat with your friends and family if they all use Kik. Kik is free, and chatting there is also free, you just need to be connected to Wi-Fi or to your mobile data and to always have an internet connection if you want to receive and send messages.

Since you can chat with people that you do not know on Kik, it is important to stay safe and to be careful. We will be giving you some tips on how you can do that because as everyone says, safety comes first, and social media networks can be a very dangerous place for people who do not know how to keep themselves safe online.

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Before we start, is Kik app sade?

Well, it depends on how you look at it. Kik can be safe if you know how to stay safe online, and if you are well educated about your safety. On the other hand, Kik can be a very dangerous place for people who just do not know how to keep themselves safe on the internet. There are people on this app who just want to get some information out of you. For example, your name, address, credit card number and etc. If you are naïve, and you give them basic information about you, well, that is really bad. A lot of dangerous things could happen. But if you for instance block the person that asks those kinds of questions, as soon as they do, you will remain safe and you will know that nobody has tricked you into giving out your info on the internet.

Tips for staying safe

As we previously mentioned, if you use Kik responsibly and smartly, you will not have any kinds of problems there. But, just in case, read these tips so you would know how to act if you come face to face with some problems, or read this to learn how to just simply avoid those problems.

  • The main important thing is to choose your password. Make a strong password with multiple characters, letters, and maybe some symbols, and uppercase letters as well. And do not ever, and we really mean, ever, share your password with someone else. If someone asks you for your password when you are chatting on Kik, kindly deny their request, and if they are being kind of pushy or rude, block them instantly. You will probably also run into people who pretend that they are working for Kik and that they are a part of the staff’s team. Do not fall for that, Kik will never ask you for your password (well, unless you are logging in to your account of course), that is just some person pretending to be someone else, so stay alert!
  • If a person is being rude to you while you are chatting or is using curse words and maybe name-calling you, either do not open or answer those kinds of messages, or simply block that person. If they really wanted to get to know you or talk to you they would not be rude towards you, do not fall for that!
  • You will maybe get a message from a person that you do not know, that message will show up in the New People section. You can either accept, delete, ignore the message, or block the person that sent you that message. Choose wisely, if a person seems suspicious to you, don’t start a conversation with them.

We hope that you will remain safe when using Kik!