How To Set Up IPhone XR

Whether you upgrade your iPhone several times or are a new user of Apple phones, setting up a new phone is an

Whether you upgrade your iPhone several times or are a new user of Apple phones, setting up a new phone is an experience of a lifetime. After bringing the iPhone X into the mobile world, the company launched iPhone XS and iPhone Max.

If you have already set up iPhone XS and iPhone Max, here are a few things to know about iPhone XR. Although the phones share similar features with the recently launched iPhones, the price tag is on the lower side. Here, we will show you how to set up an iPhone XR.

Knowing the options

You can set up the new iPhone XR in various ways, whether you want to restore the apps from another phone, start anew, or import data and content from a non-Apple phone.

Firstly, it is essential to understand what these options mean for iPhone XR users.

  • When you start a new, you begin from scratch, which applies to those without a smartphone or internet services. It also implies that the users want to experience a brand-new feeling while using the iPhone.
  • If you import data from other non-Apple brands, such as Android, you can do this with the help of the Apple app in Google Play, especially for Android. It is a suitable option for those users switching to iPhone or iPad.

How to set up an iPhone XR

Start with the set-up process.

As you turn on the new iPhone XR, you will receive greetings in different languages saying “Hello.” The steps are similar, whether you plan to set up the process fresh, restore it from a previous iPhone, or move from your Android phone.

All that you have got to do is:

  • Touch on the Slide to Set Up
  • Select your language followed by the Region or the Country where you intend to use the iPhone.
  • After this, you can choose the Wi-Fi network, but if you are yet to come within the range of this network, you can set it up later and work with the Cellular option for now.
  • Next, follow the Automatic Set Up using the same Settings and Passcode.

If trying to set up the phone manually, you can tap Continue after reading the Data and Privacy Information that Apple has shared with the users.

After that, you can tap on Enable Location Services, or if you do not want it right now, you can tap on Skip Location Services.

Setting up Face ID

The new kid on the block is the facial identity scanner available with the iPhones released by Apple. With the app's help, you can secure and unlock the phone.

Aside from this, you can authenticate the app from Apple using this facial scanning feature on the device.

Setting up this feature is similar to what you have done with the Touch ID minus the scanning process.

  • Launch Settings from the Home Screen and tap on Face ID and Passcode.
  • After this, you may enter the Passcode, tap on Set Up Face ID, and tap again to Get Started.
  • Now, you have to place your face on the circle and move it slowly in a circular motion.
  • Tap Continue and start moving your head again in the second circle.
  • Tap Done after this to complete the set-up process.

Registration of alternate face

This is another option you get when you set up Face ID on iPhone XR. Adding another face scan to the local database is possible with a second appearance of the same person using the phone.

However, if you plan to share the device with another individual, you can also set up an alternate appearance. It is an excellent option to have a second appearance as the device may fail to recognize you with Face ID when wearing sunglasses or a hat.

You can visit the Appearances section and tap on Set Up an Alternative Appearance to complete the registration.

Unlock the phone with Face ID

Once you set up the Face ID on your device, you are ready to unlock the phone using your face. You must wake the device up by pressing the Slide button or tapping on the screen.

After this, you will need to look directly into the device and see if the padlock icon is open to see if you have successfully unlocked the device. You can swipe up to go to the device's Home screen.

If the phone fails to unlock and the passcode screen appears, you can swipe up on the screen to try the Face ID again.

Restoration of data to the device from another phone

If you are not planning to use the phone without any previous settings or data and are happy to restore data from another phone or switch from your Android device, you can do so using iCloud or iTunes.

You first need to back up the data of the old phone and then restore the data into the new iPhone XR from iTunes or iCloud. While moving from your Android phone, you can utilize Apple's apps in the Google Play Store.

However, before moving the data to your new device, iPhone XR, you must first download Move to iOS on the old device.

  • Open the Google Play Store on your Android phone and search for Move to iOS. After this, you must open the Move to iOS app listing and tap Install. 
  • Tap to open the permission request and tap Open after the installation.
  • Tap Continue on the device, and then Tap Agree, followed by Next on the Android phone.
  • Enter the 12-digit code displayed on the new iPhone, and then the Android device will connect the new iPhone XR with the Wi-Fi connection.
  • You must respond when the device asks whether you are keen to transfer items such as contacts, text messages, videos, and photos.
  • Choose the data you want to move to the new device.
  • The Android phone will transfer the data into the new iPhone XR and place all the content into the correct apps.
  • After sharing your data, you can finally disconnect the devices.
  • The time needed to transfer the data depends on the amount of data you want.

Setting up a new device

If the new iPhone XR is the first from the family of iPhones you invest in, you may want to set it up fresh. You can tap Set Up as a New iPhone and enter your Apple ID and Password.

If you do not have an ID or password, feel free to create one. Just read the terms and conditions of the company and agree to them. Tap Agree to confirm the action. After this, you have to set up Apple Pay and iCloud Keychain.

Restoration of data from iTunes backup

If you have a lot of music apps or photos in the old iPhone device, you can restore the entire data from the cloud or iTunes. For those planning to pick up the iPhone XR, you must connect the old phone to the computer through the USB cable and open iTunes if it does not open automatically.

iTunes will seek permission whether you want the computer to access the information on the device, and the iPhone will again ask if you are keen to transfer the data.

You can tap Trust on your iPhone and click Continue on the computer. After this, you have to click on Get Started.

You have to choose your iPhone from the list of devices on the left panel and click on the tab of the iPhone. Finally, select Restore Backup and sync the phone to your computer.

While restoring data from iCloud, you must enter your Apple ID and Password, agree to the terms and conditions and choose the backup option. The process can take some time, so you must wait before grabbing the data.

Setting up Siri

You can set up Siri, say “Hey Siri,” and then say it is you. Lastly, you can tap Send Diagnostic Information to Apple if any apps crash when you set up the device and tap on Don’t Send if you are not keen to send the information.

Turning on Display Zoom will enhance visual accessibility while using the phone, and then tap to Get Started.

As you try to set up the new iPhone XR, you can get familiar with some of the apps, try to switch between them, and turn off the phone as one of the first experiences.

While setting up the Face ID feature the right way, you might learn a few more interesting facts about the new device.

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