How to set up Instagram shopping

Instagram is a social networking site and as more and more businesses are set up, it has started an option to shop on the app. This feature acts as a front to your products and people can find them if they are looking for similar stuff. If you post a product, a tag is put up which when clicked, redirects you to a page showing details and price of the product. It also shows a picture of the product and the link where you can buy it. If you want to set up Instagram, here’s how you can get going.

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Benefits of Instagram shop

People use social media more than any other site, so if you are selling on them, users don’t have to go to any other place and it is more convenient for them. If you sell someplace else and promote someplace else, it will number of users visiting your site. The Instagram shop allows you to integrate these two procedures and make strong ties with the customer.

Checking the eligibility

Before you can continue further, you will have to ensure that you check off the eligibility criterion. The account should abide by the commerce policies and also should be a business account. Instagram only supports selling of the physical goods only, so businesses selling services should take this into account. The business should be in a location that is a supported market. The account must also be linked to a Facebook page. You also need the latest version of the app, so update it if you haven’t. If your account fulfills all these requirements, you are good to move to the next step.

Adding the catalog on the Facebook shop

Your Instagram and Facebook shop should be linked as the former extracts the product information from the latter. So, create a Facebook shop and sync it with your catalog. For this, first, you need to open up a Shopify account and add products to it. Then, add Facebook as a sales channel.

Setting up sales on Instagram

After you are done with the previous step, go to Shopify, and now add Instagram as a sales channel.

Enabling the shopping feature

To do this, go to the top right corner of your profile and click on the icon there with three lines. Now, go to the settings and select ‘Business’. Click on ‘Shopping’ and then continue. The next step is to connect to a catalog and click ‘Done’.

Get the account approved

Once you have completed the above-mentioned steps, the app will automatically take into consideration your shopping account but the review makes take a few days. So, when the review is done, you will get notified.

Select the Facebook shop

After your shop has been approved, go the settings and under shopping, select your Facebook shop and get started.

Post your first product

You can either put up a story or make a post and are allowed to use tags and stickers. On one post, you can tag at most five products while stories only allow one. You can also customize the stickers. Tagging products is the same as tagging people when you make a new post. You can see the icon of a shopping bag on the bottom left when the post is done. It is also noted that the shop label on your profile is only visible when you have made at least one shop post. You are also able to add products in the older posts but you can’t edit the stories.

Instagram shopping insights

To look at how your products are doing in the market, you can see the analytics on the ‘Insights’ tab. Using this feature, you can see which products are doing better and liked by more customers, so you can provide more like them.

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