How to Set Time Limits for Kids Using iPad or iPhone

iPad is a useful device for helping our kids in their education. It can help them to find learning resources from Safari or use specific applications to help them visualize topics. But, most kids misuse the iPad; rather than use it for studying, they use it for playing games or social media too often and become addicted.

But as parents, we want it to be balanced. We want to let them play games, listen to music, and socialize with their friends on the internet for a certain amount of time when they have done their homework or study. Is there any application to set time limits for kids using iPads or iPhones? Lucky us, Apple has thought about that.

You don't need a third-party app because Apple has a Guided access feature. This feature can help you limit your Device to a single app and let you control which app features are available.

How to Set Time Limits for Kids Using iPad or iPhone

  • Firstly, activate the Guided Access feature: Go to Settings >> Accessibility >> Guided Access.

  • Once Guided Access is activated, a few options will appear under it to set the passcode in Passcode Settings. Tap Set Guided Access Passcode and create a different passcode than your Device's.

How to Set Time Limits for Kids in Using iPad or iPhone

  • Next, set a warning signal if the usage time is about to end. Tap on Time Limits and choose between options: Sound or Speak, or you can choose both.

  • After completing the steps above, enter the application or game your kid will use. Then triple-click the home or side button and tap on "Start" (Located in the top right area of the screen) and Guided Access will be activated. There will be a label at the top of the screen that says Guided Access.
  • Triple-click the home or side button again and enter the passcode you have created, and there will be an option menu: End, Resume & Options.
  • You can adjust the time limit by tapping "Options."
  • To exit this Guided Access, triple-click the home or side button, enter the passcode and tap the end button.

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