How to set a bedtime reminder in Calm app on Android

The Calm app is the best app for those who want to meditate, sleep better, and feel better in general. The app comes with meditations, sleep music, wonderful soothing sounds, bedtime stories, and more. In addition, you will find some pretty cool features and one of them is a bedtime reminder. If you want to change your habits, go to bed early, and have a pattern that you will follow, then you should enable this option. Here, in this article, we are going to show you how to set a bedtime reminder in Calm app on Android.

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How to set a bedtime reminder in Calm app on Android

We live busy lives and we often forget about our schedules, so we often stay up late. If you want to have a good night’s sleep then you should go to bed at the same time every night. And with this reminder, you will be able to achieve that. Let’s see how to set it:

  • Open Calm app on your Android smartphone or tablet
  • Now tap on the More button that is located in the bottom-right corner

  • Tap Settings

  • Next, tap Bedtime Reminders

  • By default, the time set is 22:00. but you can change it by tapping on the time and select the one that suits you
  • You can select the days for the reminder
  • Tap on the switch right next to “Get reminders”

  • Finally, tap Set Reminder

You have just set a bedtime reminder! As you can see, this is such a simple thing to do but we are pretty sure you will find it very useful. By following the pattern you will go to bed at the same time, you will have a great night’s sleep and you will feel much better!