How to send Discord invite link

Hanging out on Discord can be pretty cool, and if you just created the server and you want to invite people to join, you will have to send them a Discord invite link. It is all pretty simple and if you have never done it before, don’t worry. All the steps are listed below.

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How to send a Discord invite link on a computer

If you are using Discord on your computer, follow the steps below:

  • Launch Discord
  • Find and go to the Discord server on which you want to invite other users to
  • Next, click on the server’s name
  • A drop-down menu will open, click on the option “Invite people”
  • A link will show up, click on Copy
  • Send the link to those you want to invite to the server.

How to send Discord invite link using your smartphone

If you are using a smartphone and you want to send Discord invite link to other users, follow the steps below:

  • Launch Discord app
  • Select the server you want
  • Tap on the option “Invite Members”
  • Next, tap on the Share Link option
  • Choose the sharing option you find most suitable or copy the link and then paste it to the desired location.

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