How To Send An Attachment In Email On iPhone 11

Maybe you are not in the office or having lunch when someone asks you to send an important file or photo via email. You don’t have a laptop or any other device with you, except your new iPhone 11. Thank God, you have that file on your iPhone. The problem is when you are trying to reply to the email, you cannot find the attachment option. How to send an attachment in an email on iPhone 11? Keep on reading because this article may save your day.

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How To Send An Attachment In Email On iPhone 11

You may think that iPhone 11 is not designed for sending the attachments because there is no option to do that on the email body. No matter how many times you check all over the Mail screen from corner to corner, the attachment option is not there. Well, it’s actually there, but  Apple is hiding it in someplace.

Steps To Send An Attachment In Email On iPhone 11

  1. Open the Mail app like you usually do.
  2. Tap the compose message icon   at the bottom of the screen.
  3. If you want to send an attachment from the reply, select the email you want. Tap the reply icon on the lower-right corner and select Reply.
  4. Right after you tap one of any options above, a new compose message screen appears with the keyboard on it. Check if you see the arrow button gray arrow on the upper-right keyboard. Tap on it.
  5. To send a video or picture from the Photos app, tap the photo icon , or tap the document icon if you want to send a file from the Files app on your iPhone 11 and choose one.
  6. Type your message in the email body if you have not done it yet. Check the sender and the subject, then tap the send button.

There is another method to send an attachment in an email on iPhone 11. Tap your finger on the email body and you shall see the editing menu. Tap the arrow button to get the other menu. You can choose Add Document or Insert Photo or Video. Select the file and tap the send button.

How To Scan A Document And Send It Via Email

In case you have to scan a document like an invoice or ticket and send it via email to your colleague, but you don’t have a scanner machine around, use your iPhone 11. Follow the steps to send an attachment in email on iPhone 11 above, but choose the scan icon    instead of the photos or document icons. Then tap shutter icon to start scanning the document you want to send. You can also send the sketch or your signature if you need to sign something by tapping the pencil icon .

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