How to search for servers on Discord

Discord has a plethora of interesting features which is why it’s so well-known among its users. From chat rooms to video channels to live streams, it has truly carved out a name for itself. Among these amazing features is the ability to search for servers on Discord where you can meet and interact with like-minded users or people with the same niche as you. Simply follow the methods below to find out how you can search for servers on Discord!

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The perks of Discord servers

When you create a server on Discord, you have the option to make it public while also customizing its privacy. Just like when it’s private, you can choose who can join the server and establish the rules. You can also kick someone out from the server if they’re not following the guidelines.

Making public servers is a wonderful idea because it has helped users find their niche, contribute to it, and participate in it. Public Discord servers range in a variety of topics including political servers, gaming servers, marketplaces, memes, or social issues. It’s a neat way to find your flock.

How to search for servers

Discord has over 750 servers and over 250 million users. So yes, it can be a bit intimidating searching for a server that best fits your interest. However, Discord comes with a few built-in tools that can help you get where you want.

The first way to do this is by clicking on “Explore Public Servers” (the compass icon) which is most likely found on Discord if you’re accessing in on a web browser. This icon can be found in the sidebar on the very left of your homepage screen. If you’re enrolled in a bunch of servers, you’ll have to scroll all the way down do access this feature. When you click on it, you’ll see quite a few popular servers along with the active members. Note that this is a great tool if you want to join a well-known server among the likes of Fortnite, Anime, Call of Duty, and Roblox. You can filter popular servers by genre in the left sidebar on your screen.

A second way of searching for servers can be done by using the search bar itself! This can be found at the very top of your screen. When you click on it, Discord will should you a number of ways you can filter your results. Some of these include mentions, users, as well as links and/or files. You can type the filter keyword or click on them from the drop-down options. For more refined results, you can even combine keywords! For example, let’s say you’re searching for a specific thing Simon said in a channel. You can use the keyword “from: Simon#2234, to search for this person, and stack “in: general” to view all their chats in the general channel. Pretty neat, right?

Once you have your results, you can refine them even further. Select the “Recent” option above your results which will show you the most recent content fitting your search. Select “Relevant” beside that option to view the most accurate results based on your search.

How to search for servers outside of Discord

You might have noticed that the aforementioned methods only work for servers that are popular. Now, if you’re looking for a server for a specific niche or one that’s not for gaming, you’ll have to use some third-party sites. Some great third-party sites include:

  1. DiscordMe
  2. Discord Servers
  3. Disboard
  4. DiscordHub