How to rewind on Philo

Philo is a TV network that offers its users many services. Besides the possibility of watching Philo at the three devices at the same time, Philo’s affordable price, seven days of the free trial, many TV channels and other content, Philo is offering you the option to record TV shows to watch them later and to rewind.

But how to rewind on Philo? What is the meaning of this option, and how it works? If you need an answer, stay tuned to get more information in the following.

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Rewind option

This option is included in the basic package of services that the Philo TV network is offering to its subscribers. It is about the possibility to go back to the shows that were emitted on TV a few days ago. So, if you have forgotten to record some content you wanted to watch, but you couldn’t at a specific time, you have this option to rewind the content.

Philo’s rewinding option allows you to watch the content that was emitted 72 hours ago or less. In practice, you can rewind the content up to three days back. Although the rewind option is quite easy to use, it is a bit different to access it from different devices.

Because Philo can be watched at smartphones, web, iPad, Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, the procedure to rewind content is slightly different on each, but yet very simple. In the following, we are going to explain how to rewind on Philo using PC, Roku, or your smartphone.

Rewind on PC

If you use the web to watch the channels emitted on the Philo TV network, on your PC, this is what you need to follow. Go to the official Philo web site and log in with your username and password. Then, go to the Guide. Squeeze the arrow to scroll down through the channels until you find the one you want. Then squeeze the arrow to head you left, so you have the channel highlighted.

Press on the icon of the channel, and you will have a list of emitted content displayed on the screen. The list will contain all shows that were emitted in the past 72 hours, so you can go through it and pick what you want to watch.

You can also choose here which TV show is your favorite, so it can be recorded in case you miss it in the future. The same procedure is if you use the Roku device to watch the Philo TV network. Find the Guide, and follow the instructions we have just mentioned.

Rewind on smartphone

If you are using a smartphone to watch Philo TV, especially an iPhone, here is how you can rewind on Philo. Open up the Philo, login, and find the network. Then, click on the network’s logo you will be led to all the channels that are related to it.

You will also have a scheme for each channel, and just find the one that emits the content you want to watch. When you find it, just tap on it. Now, click on the TV show that you want to rewind and scroll back until you find the time when the show was emitted. Most of the TV shows are shown in episodes, so you will be able to find one you have missed.

Some devices can show you an option named More from this channel when you click on the channel’s icon. This way you can easily access the content that was emitted in the past few hours, but not in the past 72 hours. This is some kind of a shortcut to access the content that was emitted earlier that day.

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