5 Ways To Restore IPhone 6 Lost Photos From Backup

Have you lost your previous file photos from your iphone 6 gallery ?Having a backup of your Apple device is not only helpful but also important for our daily documents and the good news is that When using iPhone,I cloud will automatically create backups of your iPhone every time you sync iPhone 6 with back up. If you have found that the photos on your iPhone are deleted, don’t try to use iTunes to sync again since new sync may overwrite the previous backup which will add another problems to solve . To recover deleted iPhone photos with icloud, you only need 5 steps to solve the problem manually and restore your files:

 restore iPhone 6 lost photos  from backup


Step No. 1:Connect your iPhone with the PC

Connect your iPhone with the PC,I pad or mac that you usually sync with;or if its new one connect it and sync the devices together.Easy to use, no technical knowledge required.


 Step No. 2: Restore from Backup

Go to File then click on -“Devices”- then click on -Restore from Back up-the phone will automatically start restoring your files from back ups within few minutes.


Step No. 3: Restore from ICloud backup

To restore Photo Library to an iPhone , the i Cloud backup must be from an iPhone. The Phone will start to restore and then reboot, and minutes later your iPhone device will be ready for use.Remember that If the backup is out of date, you may lose your new content and settings since your iPhone will be fully erased, and go back to the previous status.


Step No. 4: Recheck your photos from the album

Recheck your photos from the album files and then see if your photos has been restored successfully-(you will find all the deleted photos in the Photos app) i cloud will automatically back up your camera roll, accounts, documents, and settings as long as you have enabled “i Cloud backup” and i Cloud backed up your iPhone before the loss, you are still able to get the lost photos back.


Step No. 5 iPhone Data Recovery from iPhone

If you still can’t get your photos back, you should consider to use a party tools  or iPhone Data Recovery from iPhone store to recover deleted photos from iPhone
Note that recovering files from icloud it has some disadvantages and conditions associated with i.e you can only restore the iPhone to the earlier content and settings with a previous backup, which may be not what you want
when Restoring for back up there is no way to preview the content to be restored, you can only make a decision on the basis of the time and date of the iPhone backup.

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