How to reset all settings on Note 10

When you get a phone as powerful as Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is, you expect its performance to be on its best at all times. But, every once in a while you may stumble upon certain issues. There are plenty of solutions for each issue, and one of the solutions that can work in various situations is to reset all settings. So, all the adjustments you made since you bought the phone will be restored to factory defaults. Not sure how to do this? We got you covered. Let’s see how to reset all settings on Note 10.

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How to reset all settings on Note 10

As mentioned above, if you decide to reset all settings on your Samsung Galaxy Note 10, be aware that all of the adjustments in settings you made since you got the phone will be restored. You will get sort of out of the box feel once you do this, at least in terms of options. If you changed the brightness settings or selected default apps of your choice, all of it will be restored to the factory defaults. But, by doing this you might get rid of the issue that has been bothering you, so it is definitely worth a try.

Here is how to reset all settings on Samsung Galaxy Note 10:

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Tap General management
  • Now tap Reset
  • Tap Reset all settings
  • If needed, enter your PIN, password, or pattern
  • Review the info, and then tap Reset to confirm the action.

That is how you can easily reset all settings on your Galaxy Note 10.