How to reset a frozen OnePlus 7 Pro

System failures and glitches are quite a common thing when dealing with even the best of devices like the OnePlus 7 Pro. This comes from the demands of the high operation by users which is usually a result of multiple or simultaneous operations as well as the execution of advanced services like live locations. Luckily, these intelligent devices were designed with an awareness of this knowledge and there’s quite a number of tricks to deal with such issues and return the device to normal operations without any cost or untoward stress for the owner. A simple reset can take care of functionality issues. It would be wise to have a reliable backup in place first before attempting any reset. Free online services such as Google drive can come in handy here or even the use of regular flash and hard drives.

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The Light Keys Reset

This reset is cursory and is equivalent to simply removing the battery and putting it back shortly after. It should fix simple screen freezes or blackouts. Its main advantage is data retention, all user information remains intact. Here is what you need to do:

  • With the device switched on, press the power and lower volume keys at one time for around thirty seconds
  • This will shut down the device and you can simply switch it back on again.

The Master Reset

This method is convenient and effective provided that the device can be accessed and operated using the touch and volume key features. Remember all device data that is stored in the internal storage will be lost.

  • Navigate to the device settings and locate the system settings
  • Within this, find and select the option for resetting which will reveal more options
  • Select the erase data option when prompted and then confirm
  • The device will ask for a security clearance with either a pin or screen pattern (if set). Once verified, the device will proceed to boot itself to return to its factory setup.

If this method proves futile, the following intensive one can be more useful.

The Comprehensive Reset

This reset again erases all data and it uses the hardware keys to execute that and return the device to factory settings.  The only safe data which will not be affected is that on the SIM or the SD storage. Here is what to do:

  • Press the lower volume key continuously together with the power one
  • Once the phone responds with a logo, let go of the power key ONLY
  • This will take you to a security stage which requires the device’s passkey or code (if set)
  • Confirm the security password and then proceed to select the language of choice
  • Select the ensuing ‘wipe data’ option and then select an entire reset
  • The device will give more warnings at this point about how the process is permanent. Confirm and let the reset work its magic.

Network Reset

Here is another thing. If you are having issues with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile data or GPS, you don’t have to go for reset options mentioned above. Sometimes, all you need to do is perform a network reset. It can do the trick and fix the issues you are having. To reset the network setting.

  • Go to settings from the home menu and select the reset options which will give the Wi-Fi reset menu.
  • Select the required option under mobile and Bluetooth which is a ‘reset settings’ option.
  • Confirm the password in the ensuing prompt then confirm again to proceed.

On completion, the network settings will be back to default – it should solve the device’s network issues.