How To Repair A Cracked IPhone Screen

No matter how careful you are when you are holding your iPhone, it may simply fall out of your hands, and when you drop it, the first thing you will check is the iPhone screen. In the best case scenario, the screen won’t be damaged, and sometimes, you may notice some small scratch. Cracked screen is the last thing you want to see. Here, we are going to talk about the options you have if you dropped your iPhone, and if there are scratches or cracks.

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iPhone screen

Scrathes and cracked screen

The steps you can take are different, and they will depend on the screen damage. When it comes to mild scratches, there are some DIY options, but when it comes to cracked iPhone screen, professional assistance is the best option.


iPhone screen DIY repairs

When DIY repair is a good idea? Well, if your iPhone screen has a few scratches only, there are several “do it yourself” solutions you may try out. One of the options is removal cream that is used for car scratches, and the other option is a toothpaste. When applying any of these options, you need to be really careful. In most cases, scratches can be removed successfully, without any professional assistance.


Professional assistance

When it comes to cracked iPhone screen, there is no cheap, magical solution. You may see many tutorials online that explain how to change the iPhone screen yourself, but you will need suitable tools, and of course the parts. Let’s not forget the knowledge that is needed because you need to take your device apart, and if you have no experience, you may cause even bigger damage. Is it really worth it? The best option you have is to turn to professionals. The costs will be higher, but still, if you need to replace iPhone 5 screen, or the screen of one of the latest models, it is better to spend more money than to experiment yourself.

If you have older iPhone model, such as the iPhone 3 for instance, this may be a good time to consider getting a new device. You may see the current carrier offers, because you may get iPhone 5s, or iPhone 5c with new and affordable cellular plan. It is a far better idea than investing in the device that is a couple of years old. The thing is, iPhone screen repair can cost more than a new device.

If, however, you want to repair cracked iPhone screen on your own, you will have to purchase screen replacement kit. You will need a proper guide as well, and we suggest you to visit iFIxit, reliable website that provides free repair manuals. Do this if you have an older iPhone model, but for iPhone 5, 5s, 6, and 6 Plus, ask for professional assistance.

Of course, Apple can help you with the cracked iPhone screen. The costs of repair will depend on several things: the iPhone model you own, and the AppleCare coverage. Learn more about Apple iPhone screen damage repair here. You can start a service request on the same page (the button is located at the bottom of the page).

Apple is not the only option you have to repair iPhone screen damage. You may consider repair shops, especially if you know a really reliable one. Contact the store, and ask for a quote. Perhaps you find a great and affordable offer. Prices vary from store to store. The price will also depend on the iPhone model you own.

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