How To Remove Pagefile.sys In Windows 10

First of all, what it is pagefile.sys in Windows 10 and why it is necessary? pagefile.sys is a part of the virtual memory and Windows uses this file as a temporary storage for running programs/data). Modern games, videos, graphics, etc. will easily fill your 8 GB of RAM. In this case, the paging file will be used. The paging file is, by default in the system drive, usually here: C:\pagefile.sys. This tutorial will show you how to remove pagefile.sys in Windows 10.

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How To Remove Pagefile.sys In Windows 10

Remove pagefile.sys

The one of the main user’s questions is – is it possible to remove the pagefile.sys file. Yes, it is, and now we will explain how you can do that.

So, in order to change the paging file settings in Windows 10 go to “Control Panel” and select “System”, then click on “About” < “System info” < “Advanced System Settings” and click on “Settings” under “Advanced” tab. Then again click on “Advanced” tab, click on “Change” under “Virtual memory” tab.

By default, Windows automatically manages pagefile.sys file size, and, in most cases it is the best option. However, if you want to delete the pagefile.sys, you must do this – uncheck “Automatically manage paging file size for all drivers” and set the option “No paging file.” You can also change the size of the file, specifying on your own.

At the end, click “Apply” and “OK” and restart your PC. The swapfile.sys and pagefile.sys files should disappear from your hard drive.

If you ever change your mind and decide to put this file back, check the box “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives” and click “Apply” and “OK”.



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