How to remove content from VRV Continue Watching

Whenever you click on a series or a movie on VRV, watch it for a while then stop streaming it before it ends, VRV adds it to your ‘Continue Watching’ list. It is not to be confused with the ‘My Watchlist’ list, which has the shows that you deliberately added. The movie or series on the ‘Continue Watching’ section could be one that you do not even want to go back to. This article will guide you on how to remove content from VRV’s Continue Watching section.

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Four-one-one on Verve

If you are in the US (geographically or by VPN) and want to watch great animations, try VRV. VRV takes you back and brings you forward by presenting throwbacks and the latest updates in the animation world. Courage the Cowardly Dog and Codename: Kid’s Next Door (by Boomerang) are some of the golden oldies that you can enjoy on the platform. Also, Crunchyroll’s and HIDIVE’s anime libraries are yours to explore if you are an anime fanatic.

Clearing VRV’s ‘Continue Watching’

The article will show you how you can clear series episodes and movie shows separately. You are to follow these steps on either the website ( or the app (Android and iOS).

However, and with little adjustments, the steps can work on the other devices where VRV is available such as on Xbox One, PS4, Roku, Android TV, Apple TV, and Fire TV.

  1. On your modern browser, visit the website. If you are on Android or iOS, tapping on VRV’s icon to launch it from the list of your apps or your home screen.

If you do not have the app, use your phone’s browser but set it to open the desktop site.

  1. If you were not logged in to your VRV account, enter your email address and password in the relevant text spaces and click ‘Let’s Go’. VRV will open you up to your home page.
  2. To get to the ‘Continue Watching’ section, scroll down your home page and you will see it.

On the website, thumbnails of your shows will appear like a collection.

If you want to remove a movie

  1. Go to the movie and tap on it (mobile phone) or click its thumbnail (website). Since VRV is autoplay-set (you get?), the movie will start to play from where you left it.
  2. On the playing screen, drag the playing-point slider to the end of the movie. VRV interprets that you have finished watching the movie. When you do this, go back to your home page. You will see that VRV has removed the movie from the list.

If you want to remove a series

  1. Slide to the series and tap on it (mobile phone) or click its thumbnail if you are on the web. The series will start to play the episode that you left from.

The process is the same as for the movies’ one but you have to click on all the episodes. It is hectic if your series has a large number of episodes. Anyway, if you want VRV to stop telling you to continue watching the Tower of God series so bad, go for it.

  1. Drag the playing-point slider to the end of each episode. When done, the series will disappear.

I don’t want to continue watching!

VRV assumes that you are interested in every show that you click on – that is why it has this feature. Unfortunately, it is like 50% percent wrong. They should add a ‘Remove’ button – it will help a lot.

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