How to remove Chromium browser in Windows 10

As we all know, the Chromium is an open-source project that was the base for developing the Google Chrome browser. You can use Chromium as your main browser, but it can result in some situations that can be dangerous for your computer’s data and operating system.

Many users who have used the Chromium, are often asking how to remove the Chromium browser in Windows 10? Well, here are some answers we found for you, so keep reading this article to get more information.

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Is the Chromium browser safe to use?

Here is some specific information about the Chromium. As a matter effect, Chromium looks almost as same as the Google Chrome, and the secret is that the Chromium is trying to make you think that you are using Chrome. Chromium browser is a potentially unwanted software, as it uses the ads to make money, and survive.

There are some extensions built in the Chromium browser and they are resulting in showing too much adds to the users. The ads are shown in the pop-out windows, links in text and heading all over the browser while you are trying to surf through the internet.

These adds are usually a source of viruses and malware that can easily get into your computer’s system, and do a lot of harm. Many of users have decided to remove the Chromium browser from their computers.

Uninstalling Chromium browser

As the Chromium is mostly used by people who want to set the malware to your computer, you should think about uninstalling it permanently from your device, and here are the ways how to do it.

At your computer with Windows 10 operating system, go to the Start menu in the lower-left corner of the screen. Then, find the Settings menu at the top, and click on it. You will have a lot of sections opened, but you should head to the Apps & Features heading.

When you get there, find the Chromium application and click on it. You are going to notice the Uninstall option that you should click on. This is the confirmation that you want to remove it from your system.

Now, the Chromium browser should be removed from your device. But, if you have trouble finding the Chromium browser in the App & Features section, head to the Control panel and research the programs that are installed on the device.

When you have removed the Chromium from your apps, it can be still attached to your other browser.

Remove Chromium from Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

To check if there are any leftovers of Chromium in your browser, make sure to go through the saved data and extensions. So, if you are using Google Chrome as your browser, open it and head to the main menu. It is placed on the upper right corner of the window, and recognizable as three dots. Or, you can just squeeze ALT and F keys as a shorter way to open the main menu.

Find the Tools section and then Extensions heading. There, you should look for the Chromium. All the headings that contain word Chromium should be removed.

If you are using Mozilla Firefox, open it and squeeze Shift, Control, and A keys on the keyboard. You will have the list with headings, where you need to find the Chromium. Click on it, and the menu with options will be shown. Choose the Disable or Remove option.

Remove Chromium’s leftovers

For removing all the leftovers from Chromium, you should go through the App Data on the main hard drive, and look for the Chromium folder in section Hidden data. You can also use some free apps that were specially made to help you get rid of the programs such as Chromium.