How to recover deleted Kik photos and messages

You already know what Kik is, an app where you are able to chat with your friends and meet new people as well. Everyone thought that Kik was shutting down at the end of 2019, but luckily it did not, since it is such a great app. We just hope that you are using Kik responsibly and that you are staying safe when you use it, a lot of people with bad intentions lure around the app. So always be aware and always be careful whenever you are using it.

So, if you for some reason recently deleted some photos or a message on Kik, and you want to get it back, you are in the right place. We will be showing you and explaining to you some possible ways you could do that.

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Steps to recovering the photos and the messages

  • You can try out some software that does the recovery thing instead of you. There is a see full of those kinds of apps and programs on Google Play Store and on the App Store. You should just do a Google search and find the one that you think is the most legitimate and easy to use. Find the one that suits you the best and try to recover your data that way. We will present you one app that can do that, the EaseUs It is available on the Google Play Store. You just have to download and install it, sign in to your account and follow further steps that will be given to you once you download the app. This should bring back your photos and messages, but if it does not work for you, or you do not trust the app, head over to the next possible solution for your issue.
  • If you have backed up Kik on your phone, there is a huge chance that you will be able to get your data back with restoring it. You will have to open the Settings on your phone, and you should find the Account section. Once you open that section, find the Kik app and open it there. When the new screen opens you should find the Backup and Restore option (if you cannot find that option on your screen there is a possible way that you did not back up data from the app), click on the Restore button and you will get your data back.

And if you perhaps made a backup on Cloud you will have to open the Settings of your phone again and go to the Account section. Add a new Cloud account by signing into the one you already have, then find and click on the Backup & Restore button.

  • There is a chance that the messages are still in the chat. Kik saves 600 messages (the ones that are the most recent) in the chat for 48 hours. So maybe your chat is not really deleted, you just need to scroll up a bit. But if it is deleted and if you have chatted with one of your friends, you can ask them to find the message that you are seeking for, screenshot it, and send it to you again.

If you are having some kind of problems

If you perhaps cannot restore the data from Cloud, try all of these steps again. And you will not be able to restore any kind of data from the Kik app if you have not previously backed it all up. It is impossible! If you haven’t backed it up, unfortunately, you cannot really do anything, that data is lost and permanently deleted from your phone.

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